Patient Monitor and Child Monitor

A pediatric vital signs monitor or also called a child monitor is an electronic equipment that allows to detect, process and continuously display the vital signs of the pediatric patient such as: breathing rate, blood pressure, body temperature and pulse. 

Vital signs refer to the external manifestation of basic vital functions such as breathing, circulation and metabolism. Its variations express changes that are generated in the body, some of physiological origin and others of pathological origin.

A pediatric vital signs monitor works differently for each vital sign in the case of heart rate amplifying the electrical potentials of the heart, in the case of respiratory rate magnifies the chest respiratory movements, and blood pressure and oxygen saturation will depend on the intensity of the pulse.


Types of Patient monitors and Infant Monitors that the Medical Sector may need

Header Monitor YR02173 

Pantalla LCD de alta resoluci贸n de 12,1 pulgadas; Pantalla t谩ctil de 35 millones de clics de larga duraci贸n con tecnolog铆a Accutouch; M谩ximo 168 horas de…


Header Monitor YR02174

15 inch high-brightness touch screen; triple color eye-catching alarm light; concealed buttons; built-in lithium battery. With the rapid development of medical…


Multi-parameter Patient Monitor YR02177 

Adult, kid and newborn monitoring are supported;Slim body with a hidden handle, easy to move…

Doppler Fetal YR02180

7 inch TFT Screen;Digital display and waveform oscilloscope of twins鈥檚 heart rate (FHR), uterine contraciton pressure (Toco) value and fetal movement;High…


Our Best Selling Patient Monitor and Children Monitor

  • Supports monitoring of adults, children and newborns;
  •  Slim body with hidden handle, easy to move;
  •  Visual and sound alarm with three-color alarm light;
  •  Lithium battery inside;
  •  Fan-free design, meets the requirements of the multi-patient ward;
  •  Able to save data when power supply fails

A patient monitor is a medical device that collects and stores the vital signs of the patient, which together with alarm systems, process and record the parameters of the same. They are teams capable of  provide operating facilities for medical staff and modern medical practice. Currently, these patient monitors collect information of different physiological parameters, in addition to store trends and events of arrhythmias.


Analysis of the best Patient monitor and Child Monitor for the Medical Sector

What are the parameters to read on a vital sign monitor?

The vital signs reading allows a comprehensive analysis of the physiological conditions of the patient and are …


How are vital signs controlled through a patient monitor? 

Through the control and management of vital signs, it is necessary to obtain information about the physiological state of the…


What kinds of vital sign monitors exist? 

According to the versatility and use of vital signs monitors existing in all health centers, for the care of patients, are applied in the…


How do I place a patient monitor?

The patient monitor is a computer used in all health centers, which records the electrical activity of the same…


Patient Monitor and Children Monitor models catalog

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There are countless models, so it’s normal that you don’t know which Patient Monitor                                                                                                                                                                                                                        and children’s monitor buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              to find what you are looking for.

How was the vital sign Monitor invented?

At the beginning of 1887, scientists Ludwig and Waller revealed the electrical potential in the human chest, thus initiating …

Care and maintenance of a Patient Monitor?

By preventive maintenance of patient monitors, they reduce risks and give you useful increase in equipment life…

Different types of Patient Monitors

A patient monitor is a medical device used to continuously detect, process and deploy the vital parameters of a patient under continuous medical surveillance, including…

What are the principles related to the multiparameter Patient Monitor?

Multiparameter patient monitors are responsible for detecting vital signs in patients on a continuous basis, constantly evaluating physiological conditions for a correct diagnosis by the treating physician…

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