Safety Storage Cabinets

Safety storage cabinets are used to protect users and together, store flammable chemicals in the workplace. All cabinets are used to protect dangerous substances (flammable, corrosive, toxic...) and are protected against fire for 30 minutes (type 30) or 90 minutes (type 90). 

In companies and laboratories, this type of furniture, have a great participation, providing protection against any incident, and also avoiding pollution of the environment, at all times. And for security levels, it is advisable to categorize its contents by levels of danger, and choose the security closet that best fits the amount of substance you have to store.


Types of Security Storage Cabinets a Lab May Need

2-4 Gallon Explosion-proof Cabinet YR05464 // YR05465 

Safe and reliable double lock: Two locks, two handles. Double security, lock and closet lock...


60 Gallon Explosion-proof Cabinet YR05471 // YR05471-2

Three-point Solid Link Lock Pole: Door Lock Tongue Lock Structure...


22 Gallon Explosion-proof Cabinet YR05468 // YR05468-2 

Adjustable fire ventilation: fire vents on both sides of cabinet body are...


12 โ€“ 15 Gallon Explosion-proof Cabinet YR05466 // YR05467 

Antistatic: Each model is equipped with an OSHA standard electrostatic prevention ...


Our Best Selling Security Storage Cabinet

Double lock safe and reliable: Two locks, two managers. Double security, pad lock and cabinet lock, stardarized management, improve safety factor. Three point linkage solid lock post: Three point linkage cabinet door lock tongue locking structure, upper, middle and lower three-point linkage solide core lock colums to increase the security of the cabinet

Analysis of Security Storage Cabinets for your lab

What are the Functions of a Security Storage Cabinet?

The function of the safety storage cabinets, comply with the protection and isolation of chemical...


What is a Security Storage Cabinet? 

Safety storage cabinets are used to protect users and together, store flammable chemicals in the workplace. All cabinets are used ...


Why are security storage cabinets important in a laboratory?

In laboratories, reagents and substances are found that must be stored correctly...


Features of Security Storage Cabinets?

The safety storage cabinets are modules designed for the protection of contaminants, and in turn, protects...


Catalog of models of Security Storage Cabinet on offer


Guides to Becoming a Security Storage Cabinet Expert

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Security Storage Cabinet to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Safety Cabinets for Laboratories: guarantee the best storage control

Laboratory safety and storage cabinets are an excellent solution for ensuring proper storage control, from chemicals to reagents, solutions...

Store without worry: how to use the security cabinets in laboratories  

Do you live in a lab and wonder what are the best ways to safely identify and store valuables? Worry-free storage is something researchers have in mind...

Use of Safety Cabinets as Equipment in the Veterinary Sector

In particular, security cabinets are ideal equipment to unambiguously guard any type of material that requires absolute protection. It has automatic...

What are the types of Security storage Cabinets that exist?

According to the spaces offered by the security storage cabinets, they provide an effective and accessible solution to store and safeguard chemicals. In addition, they provide protection to...

Frequently Asked Questions about Security Storage Cabinets

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