Care and maintenance of a patient monitor?

By preventive maintenance of patient monitors, they reduce risks and give you useful increase in equipment life, among a long list of useful procedures that decrease the likelihood of potential breakdowns. It is advisable, to be carried out through the factory recommendations of the teams, as well as advice by experts and any action that is carried out on similar assets.

However, patient monitors as a technological advance, require special maintenance so that they can provide doctors and nurses with the confidence to work with suitable equipment and have optimal results, so it is essential to keep the equipment in full operation for the health of patients who are constantly monitoring with these equipment and a closure of the surgery service.

Maintenance Plans in Patient Monitor

To avoid false diagnostics and malfunction of patient monitors, it is advisable to create program at defined intervals that includes specific maintenance tasks such as lubrication, filter cleaning, replacement of parts that are commonly worn out, or have a limited service life (e.g. tubes). Generally, it is the manufacturer who sets out the procedures and intervals. Likewise, there is the technician in repairs of medical equipment, being able to modify the frequency according to the conditions of the medium. Preventive maintenance is sometimes called “planned maintenance” or “scheduled maintenance,” based on making appropriate adjustments. In the same way, maintenance is classified according to the need for it and are presented as follows: 

  • Minor Maintenance: It is developed through the routine activities performed in preventive maintenance visits, such as calibration, lubrication, measurement of the quality of the results to be delivered by the equipment, change or washing of filters, verification of the operation.
  • Major Maintenance: They are performed at longer time intervals (every six months, annually depending on the case) and the duration of the visit is longer because the routines are more complex and in some cases pieces of equipment must be changed.
  • Phase Maintenance: it is developed through a technical description, with manuals, that record the characteristics of each equipment, in addition to lists of work to be done periodically, frequency control, exact indication of the date to carry out the work.  

Control Recommendations in Patient Monitors

The monitoring of vital signs in patients is considered one of the most important medical controls that allows to observe the health status in real time of each patient. They mainly reveal and process heart-related information from patients, however it also helps to process other vital signs such as:

  • Frequency of breathing
  • Blood pressure
  • Body temperature.
  • Pulse

That said, the use and control of patient monitors, have a fundamental role in the hospital, so a breakdown or malfunction of these equipment can even cause death. Many times, the malfunction is due to improper use, such as electrosurgical systems generate high frequency signals that can affect the sensors so great caution should be taken.

On the other hand, one of the parts of these monitors to ensure proper functioning is in the wiring, such cables must be protected to avoid discharges in patients, as well as electrodes since these can affect the control of the monitor, is therefore recommended, change periodically to avoid burns or irritate the skin.

Finally, it is important to maintain the patient monitors, for this it is not only enough to check periodically all the equipment wiring, every certain time, other measures must be taken.

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