Infant Phototherapy Incubator

Phototherapy incubators are medical equipment used to provide a controlled environment for premature or full-term newborns to undergo phototherapy, a therapeutic measure in which light emitted by special lamps is used to treat childhood jaundice and thus reduce the effects of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. 

Phototherapy greatly reduces bilirubin levels in capillaries and the interstitial space, transforming bilirubin into water-soluble isomers that can be eliminated unconjugated in the liver. The administration of phototherapy will depend on bilirubin levels, age of life, gestational age at birth and clinical status of the newborn.


Types of infant Phototherapy incubators needed by the Medical sector

Infant Incubator YR02185

Our vision is to maintain an advanced thermoregulation system for newborn patients thanks to...


Infant incubator YR02186

We designed a suitable environmental condition for newborn patients using a thermoregulation system...


Infant Incubator YR02187

The YR02187 is also an intuitive temperature display with an advanced thermoregulation system...


Infant Incubator YR02188

Children's incubator YR02188 is designed with an advanced thermoregulation system for the care unit...


Our Best Selling Child Phototherapy Incubator

As our first child incubator is not a simple connection of incubator and phototherapy unit. Sophisticated integration allows the neonate with hyperbilirubinemia to receive blue-ray phototherapy in an appropriate, protected, and reliable environment. All details, including the distance between the phototherapy units and the patient, the intensity of the lighting, etc., are the result of a persistent and strict research and experience for your newborn patient while rigorously fulfilling the duty to protect the baby with the best care.

โ— Light intensity of phototherapy is constantly adjustable.

โ— The time of bilirubin phototherapy can be paused, recorded and accumulated.

โ— The duration of the phototherapy treatment can be preset and turns off automatically when a preset duration is reached

โ— The lifetime of the LED phototherapy unit is 20,000 hours.

Analysis of the best Infant Phototherapy incubator for the Medical Sector

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A phototherapy incubator is a specialized medical team that provides optimal conditions for the care of newborns who...


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Children's Phototherapy Incubator models on sale


Guides to becoming an expert in Children's Phototherapy Incubator

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which child phototherapy incubator to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

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Care and maintenance of a Phototherapy Incubator

Phototherapy incubators are medical equipment designed to manipulate the newborn without removing him from the incubator.

How does a Phototherapy Lamp Incubator work?

An incubator with phototherapy lamp is a specialized medical team that provides optimal conditions for the care of newborns who are not prepared for

Treatment of jaundice in infants and neonatal Phototherapy Incubators

When a baby is born the first thing is to offer immediate care, in the case of a jaundiced newborn it is important to determine if it is a physiological jaundice or a pathological jaundice, when we are facing a mild jaundice almost always disappears without treatment.

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