Laboratory analyzers

A biochemical analyzer is a laboratory equipment, which has between its functions measure blood level or other body fluid, of analytes such as glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, proteins and enzymes.

The main component of the biochemical analyzer is a spectrophotometer where it measures the concentrations of the different substances based on the color intensity or based on the amount of substrate they use (this in the case of enzymes), after a series of chemical reactions.

Biochemical analyzers, also known as a clinical chemistry analyzer, as mentioned are used to determine the metabolites present in biological samples such as blood or urine. The study of these fluids allows you to diagnose many diseases. An example of the use of this type of analyzer is the measurement of creatinine in urine to evaluate the filtering capacity of the kidneys.

When choosing a biochemistry analyzer, the need for automation of the determination, the specificity of the reagents and the level of precision of the measurements will be taken into account. The capacity (maximum number of samples analyzed at the same time) is also a factor that will have to be considered.



Types of products to work all types of analysis in a laboratory.

Coagulation analyzer

Analyzer with coagulation processes, chromogenic and immunological measurement, with an easy-to-use touch screen interface ...


Hematology analyzer

20 parameters + 3 histograms. Differentiation of 3 parts of WBC 2. Counting mode: whole blood and prediluished performance: up to 30 samples ...


Chemistry Analyzer

The semiautomatic biochemical blood analyzer is for investigations of the basic rates of blood homeostases ...



Microplate reader

Easy-to-use operating system with large LCD screen. Lava flat bottom strips, U and V and Plate. Collector 12 or 8 ways, automatic and manual positioning ...

Coagulation analyzer machine - YR02220


  • 2 channels (2 lasting LED detectors for 2 different parameter analysis)
    1 magnetic stirrer included
  • Great memory to store up to 6000 test results.
  • Easy keyboard operation with LCD screen
  • Internal thermosensitive printer
  • Dispersed light and percentage analysis guarantee good results.
  • Open low consumption reagent, reagent closed upon request.
  • Great memory to store up to 6000 test results.
  • Built-in quality calibration and control program.
  • AutoComproving automatic ignition.
  • Multilingual software available upon request.
  • Electronically optional unit pipette.
Weight7 kg
Dimensions35 ร— 35 ร— 24 cm

Modelos de analizador de laboratorio baratos. (En oferta)

Chemistry Analyzer

Easy keyboard operation with LCD display Wavelength range is 330-800nm, 5 standard filters and 3 more filters optional...

Microplate Reader

PC controlled system, Windows XP. 8-channel fiber optic system allows a 6-second read for a 96-well plate...

Elisa Microplate Reader

7 โ€œcolor LCD touch screen with built-in printer. 8-channel fiber optic system, 5-second read for the entire board...


Microplate Washer

Easy Windows operating system, large LCD screen. Washes flat-bottom, U, and V-bottom plates and strips...

Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Easy Windows OS with mouse, large color LCD screen. Supports up to 12 types of animals: 8 fixed, 4 open...

Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

Automatic random access. Up to 100 tests per hour. Preheating of reagent, liquid level detection...

Coagulation Analyzer Machine

2 channels (2 lasting LED detectors for 2 different parameter analysis). 1 magnetic stirrer included. Great memory...

Automatic Hematology Analyzer

20 parameters + 3 histograms. Differentiation of 3 parts of WBC. 2 whole blood count and prediluished...

Updated Kalstein.

How to know what biochemistry analyzer should I choose for my laboratory?

There is an infinity of models, so it is normal that you do not know which analyzer to buy to meet your needs. In Kalstein, we evaluate them to find what you are looking for.

There is a spill in my analyzer - Kalstein

Semi-automated chemistry analyzers, in general, are very specialized and expensive equipment. Its conservation depends largely...


The right biochemical analyzer

A biochemical analyzer is a laboratory equipment, which has among its functions to measure the level in blood or other body fluid, of analytes...


The hematological analyzer

Hematology; as one of the main lines of work of the clinical laboratory; He did not remain alien to the development of automation...


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