How do I place a patient monitor?

The patient monitor is a computer used in all health centers, which records the electrical activity of the same, by electrodes connected in the chest and limbs, these sensors or electrodes fulfill the function of detecting different, recorded and printed leads. 

It also meets criteria that describe its function, are easy to configure, and through an alarm system allows to warn experts the state of health in which the patient is. Also, it makes simple change of parameters during monitoring, these are reflected on the screen through lines and curves, followed by indicators plated by acronyms, the main vital parameters in the non-invasive monitoring are: FC (heart rate), FR (respiratory frequency), T/A (blood pressure), SatO2 (oxygen saturation) and T° (peripheral body temperature).

Management of Patient Monitor

The function of monitoring vital signs is to amplify and record the patient’s functional measures, electrical signals collected by electrodes, are sent to a generator, which has as function, increase the small differences in potential that the heart muscle produces. The CF is recognized by the development of the electrical potentials of the heart, the RF magnifying the respiratory movements of the chest, then the T/A and SatO2 will depend on the pulse intensity. 

The parameter to be monitored, the electrodes shall be positioned as follows:

  • Respiratory Frequency: 3 cables (conventional) or up to 5 cables (complete ECG) are connected, which shows cardiac and respiratory activity. These cables are connected to the electrodes that are located in the patient’s chest and should have good adhesion to the skin and not cause interference with other devices.
  • Blood pressure, connected with a single wire next to the T/A control hose that the patient carries on one of his limbs.
  • Peripheral body temperature, by a wire connected to an electrode that is placed on the patient’s skin.
  • Oxygen saturation — has a light emitter and a receiver, which is normally placed on the patient’s index finger and connected to the cable that goes with the monitor. SatO2 sensors can also be located on the toes and earlobe

According to the above, the proper use of the vital signs monitor in patients, will depend on a fundamental role that health experts fulfill, from them will depend the analysis of the results obtained by motorization.

Activation and identification of Patient Monitor Alarms

Alarms, are the warning signals recorded by the equipment, to detect the complication in which the patient is passing, these must be operational as soon as the patient is connected to the monitor and has begun monitoring. Alarm limits must be initialized by default to values that are reasonable for each parameter. It should be noted that the lack of any preset limit will trigger an alarm, both sound and a visual indicator. There must be different priorities or at least differentiate the life-in-danger alarm from those for other events.

Equally, the ease of muting the alarm is important, as the physician can care for the patient without worrying about varying the level of the alarm and must point out the parameter(s) that are out of bounds. Similarly, it is important that alarm tones differ from the other sound signals at the monitor application sites and a copy of each alarm event should be generated to obtain the results of the patient studies.

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