Refrigerators and Freezers

Two independent refrigeration systems are used, one of which can maintain a temperature of -70 in one set.Dual system can work at the same time to achieve rapid cooling, and the cooling time is shortened by more than 50%.Touch screen, temperature curve, alarm information record and query, user management mode, self-diagnosis.

Two independent refrigeration systems are used, one of which can maintain the temperature of the cabinet at -80 ยฐC when the fault occurs.Standard test hole, USB interface and remote alarm interface.High temperature and low temperature alarm in the box, sound and light alarm, optional SMS notification and other alarm methods.Increased cooling rate by 20% and uniformity by 30%

Types of Refrigerators and Freezers that may be needed in a Laboratory

Medical Refrigerator

  • High efficiency specialty compressor with known field reliability
  • Permanently lubricated cooling fan for safety and longevity
  • Forced- air cooling with optimized air distribution system designed
  • To achieve maximum temperature uniformity and stability
  • Optimized refrigeration system design for more effective cooling and
  • Speedy recovery
  • Temperature variation within ยฑ3ยบC
  • Adjustable temperature range 2-8ยบC
  • Microprocessor control, digital display, and temperature adjustment with an increment of 0.1ยบC
  • Large digital display screen

Ultra freezer

  • Microprocessor-controlled system designed for controlled rage of -40ยบC to -86ยบC for cabinet space with 1ยบC increment.
  • Settable high temperature and low temperature alarms.
  • Automatic clean-filter alarm and sensor error alert.
  • Adjustable storage shelf height.
  • Optional temperature recorder. storage racks and storage box
  • Installation and Application
  • Wide rage operating voltage system from 187V to 242V designed to allow units installed in areas with poor voltage condition.
  • Suitable for 10ยบC to 32ยบCambient temperature

In Kalstein you can find the ideal Refrigerators and Freezers for your Laboratory

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Refrigerators and Freezers to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

86โ„ƒ LCD Touch screen Ultra low temperature upright freezer for Lab/Hospital 728L YR05304

Double-machine cascade refrigeration system using fluorine-free environmentally friendly alkane refrigerant, energy saving 50% ...


408 Liter Ultra Low Temperature Freezer, -86C Very Low Temperature Freezer YR05302

The dual Systemโ€™s microprocessor control with 2 separate interior doors that can be opened independently...


 316L 2-8C Upright Medical Grade Refrigerator Pharmaceutical YR05288              

Equipped with a complete temperature alarm system featuring audible buzzer and visible flashing light...


1006L Pharmacy Medical Refrigerator , Hospital Grade           Refrigerator YR05087-1                   

The pharmacy refrigerators are suitable for installation in drug stores, pharmaceutical companies ...


Our Best Selling Refrigerator and Freezer

This product is specially designed and manufactured for long term storage of various biological product,including viruses, germs. erythrocytes, leucocyte and cutis. Applications can be found in blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, and research institutes, laboratories in electronic and chemical plants. bio-logical engineering institutes and marine fishery companies.

  • 7 inches touch screen to display current temp, history temp, all alarm records and data.
  • Standard with USB port to download alarm and temp data

Analysis of the best Refrigerators and Freezers for your Laboratory

 Freezer use in the laboratory

A freezer is a refrigeration device that includes a thermally insulated compartment and a refrigeration system, which helps you keep cold and slow rot. It is 


When should we use a deep freezer?

Ultra-freezers, also known as ultra-low-temperature freezers, are a type of refrigerator that handles, as its name ...


How is a Laboratory Refrigerator made?

Generally, the laboratory refrigerator, is made of resistant steel material and consists of an evaporator...


Refrigerators and Freezers โ€“ Vaccine Storage Units

Safe storage of vaccines is a crucial component of protecting patients from disease. If vaccines are not stored...


Catalog of models of Refrigerators and Freezers on offer


Guides to becoming an expert in Refrigerators and Freezers

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of Refrigerators and Freezers of the highest quality and that have the best technology on the market, we leave you some blogs to know more about our product.

What is the Classification of a Laboratory Refrigerator?

Within a laboratory, there are many instruments that are essential for research, testing and fieldwork, ideal for the ...

What is the importance of the laboratory refrigerator?

The refrigerator in a laboratory is one of the most important equipment. Its function is to maintain, in a controlled ...

Preservation of Reagents with the use of Vertical Freezers

A vertical freezer is a high-capacity storage device used to keep reagents below their freezing temperature. It is a specially...

What applications do Refrigerators have in the healthcare sector?

The refrigerator is an equipment whose function is to maintain, in a controlled environment (refrigerated space), various fluids and substances, so that they are kept in good condition. The lower the temperature, the less chemical and biological activity...

Refrigerators and Freezers in operation

It is important to keep in mind that at more extreme temperatures, the space and capacity of the unit must be sufficient to store a reasonable amount, keeping in relation to the type of species to be frozen. The appropriate size varies depending on the use and the type, quantity and quality of the materials to be stored, as well as the desired volume.

It should be noted that modern units offer a number of practical features that allow for rapid freezing of materials, and also have a built-in safety system to prevent accidental thawing and over-time storage. These features improve the protection of frozen materials and eliminate the risk of damage caused by improper storage.

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