Microplate Reader

An ELISA microplate reader is a laboratory instrument that is responsible for detecting and processing biological and chemical data by absorbance (ELISA, enzymatic activity and quantification of nucleic acids and proteins), luminescence and fluorescence detection modes, including intensity, TRF and polarization according to the model. They are useful laboratory tools used in drug discovery, research, immunologic testing, hormone detection, bioassay validation, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

They are commonly used to read the results of the ELISA technique, as this equipment has the ability to detect the light emitted by samples that have been pipetted on a microplate, to determine the presence of specific antibodies or antigens present in a sample. These readers analyze 96 or more microplates wells with samples, so their use is very favorable to laboratories, reducing reagents and samples used which leads to better performance.

Types of Microplate Reader a Laboratory may need

Microplate Elisa Reader YR05128

8-channel optical system, quantitative and qualitative test. External jet printer, multi-format patient report


Reader by Elisa YR05127

Windows operation interface, figure button, mouse operation, touch screen. 96-well plate, multiple tests on a single plate.


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As mentioned above, an ELISA microplate reader performs spectrophotometry, since these devices emit light at a wavelength, and measure the amount of light absorbed and reflected by an object as a protein. Being able to measure ultraviolet and visible light. In addition, ELISA microplate readers can also measure fluorescence and luminescence. Based on the principle that chemical dyes fluoresce or emit a color or wavelength when exposed to light. The amount of reflection, absorption, and color identify and measure the amount of a substance.

ELISA microplate readers are instruments designed to measure antibody tests. They are so versatile and useful that they have also been adapted for other purposes using protein and enzyme analysis, HIV detection and nucleic acid quantification.

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Guides to becoming an expert in Microplate reader

Microplate reader equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

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