How is the Elisa Technique for Detecting Allergens in Food?

Currently, the population suffers allergies to some type of food, and due to the quantities of synthetic products and high contents of artificial dyes in the market without thinking about the quality and risks of consumers, in the U.S. alone annually there are more than 30,000 hospital emergencies and more than 150 deaths due to food poisoning.

For this reason, Kalstein promotes integral solutions for our users, promoting teams designed to give medical solutions in the world. In that case, it offers Microplate Readers, dedicated to establishing the ELISA Technique, based on very fast methods, specific for each allergen, provides high sensitivity, and allows to analyze large batches of samples simultaneously at the level of production plant and individual.

Importance of the Elisa technique

For food producers, the presence of the labels of the allergenic content in products such as milk, eggs, fish, peanuts, wheat, soy and nuts gives consumers the information necessary to avoid potential dangerous allergies. To detect these unwanted reactions, companies must use equipment capable of preventing bad consumer experiences, and the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA determines all types of specific antigen concentration for future complex solutions.

And to achieve this, the technique is based on the extent that an antibody has to identify and bind specific antigens and most of the time, this technique uses different antibodies, and are:

  • Primary: Is determined from the antigen of interest
  • Secondary: It registers the antigen-antibody complex and is attached to an enzyme that is transformed with a base to produce a signal.

The ELISA technique is designed to determine antigens for a variety of purposes in various sectors within the field of medicine and in the laboratory. Traditionally, this technique is performed by microtitration plates made of polyethylene that allows the sample to be deposited in these small spaces and the various proteins to be adhered to the plates for analysis. Then, they must be washed.

Procedures for the ELISA technique

Food producing companies, from the implementation of ELISA technology, will be able to determine the accuracy of the multiple processes of hypoallergenicity in food and calculate the content of them in the manufacturing line and the final product.

ELISAs can be qualitative and quantitative, able to indicate the presence or not of antigens and measuring their concentration. That said, users when implementing this technique must comply with patterns with solutions to measure the concentration of interest, measuring the intensity of the signals emitted by each well, plotting the values to create standard practices and can be compared with records and thus determine the concentration of each protein.

It should be noted that this type of technique allows the detection and quantification in different environments and conditions in hypoallergenic processes, it also offers the following advantages:

  • For protein detection.
  • High sensitivity.
  • It shows specificity.
  • It is simple and inexpensive when preparing for tests.
  • It shows quantitative results in the detection of hypoallergenic products.
  • They are simple and industrially scalable.

To enforce these practices, wearers should routinely wear gloves and goggles, be very careful when working with heat- or reagent-using equipment. In addition, it is recommended not to pipette the reagents with the mouth, it is preferable to do it with pumps or suction pears. Keep your hands clean with soap and water after using the reagents in the lab and finally, be very careful about using electrical equipment in the lab.

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