Using the Microplate Washing Machine for COVID-19 determination

The microplate washer is laboratory equipment designed to clean the wells of the plate containing study samples. It is an autonomous tool used in biochemistry tests, which eliminates all kinds of waste and reagents that did not react. For the science practices for 96 or 384 wells are angle probe to access subtle flushing of cell types with easy adherence.

For the determination of COVID-19, the use of microplate washing is necessary because by the practice of Elisa the plate where samples are deposited for the detection of antibodies produced by the body in response to possible infection is used and these must be perfectly cleaned to properly evaluate, if there is infection.

At Kalstein we have the efficient equipment and the microplate washing machine is the ideal for the various laboratory tests. Thanks to its power of suction and dispensing of wells, disinfection is achieved simultaneously and rapidly, achieving that studies and procedures are completed without the need for mechanical indexing or quadrant processing.

Functions of Microplate Washing Machine

Cleaning methods are initiated at the push of a button to run quickly and easily, keeping the washer lubricated and the probe tips moist for a quick start. The aspiration management, allows the processes to be fulfilled without altering the cells. Continuous washing and bottom washing choices reduce cleaning times to a minimum.

It is performed by soaking and configured suction or through a protocol of several steps using the control from the touch screen. The equipment does not require external pumps or extra controls to perform its function, so that it reduces and makes the work of the user easier. They are easy to install without the need for additional tools, calibration, or alignment.

Also, the microplate washer is a flexible equipment, it contains washing heads for 96 or 384 interchangeable wells and registered immediately. Configured to meet the demands of today’s diverse, high-need microplate applications. They are also washing machines with easy integration with the latest automation instruments.

Importance of the Microplate Washing Machine for detecting COVID-19

Each testing laboratory should contain data from equipment that complies with quality control programs to monitor the diagnostic efficiency of the COVID-19 immunoassay. By applying the Elisa technique, different antibodies can be detected in blood samples, when immune resistance to infection has been derived, and by determining who has developed specific antibodies.

The diagnostic efficacy is determined when the values obtained by this test are within the levels supplied by the microplate washer, since within the established functions supplied by the equipment, it meets the analyzes within the operations of an internal quality control of each laboratory. That said, it should be done as follows:

  • The user should add 100 μl of control to calibrate per well.
  • After complying with the incubation processes, the wells should be aspirated and washed, repeating the process twice.
  • It should be flushed by filling each well with a 300-400 μl buffer, using a flushing bottle, collector distributor or automated washer.
  • To benefit from it, it is necessary to eliminate the waste in each practice so that it does not change at future readings.

Kalstein Microplate Washing Machine

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