Using the Microplate Washer to Perform Syphilis Virus Serology

The microplate washer is a laboratory team responsible for cleaning the polyethylene plates used during Elisa’s practice. Its importance lies in sanitizing to remove any unbound material and substances that have not reacted.

It is a device that optimizes its performance and provides sufficient time to reduce the interference produced by the samples between the washing processes by the methods of suction, synchronous dispensing.

On the other hand, to carry out the serology of the syphilis virus, the use of this equipment and the fundamental tests are used to demonstrate its excellent sensitivity and specificity in the determination of the antibodies and to allow the automation of large quantities of samples for the reading and results of infected patients.

The Microplate Washer for Virus Serology

For the determination of a disease it is necessary to avoid any type of serious complications, and for the diagnosis of the syphilis virus that is limited by the scarcity of techniques to plant the microorganism in laboratory media, the use of the Elisa technique is the corresponding method, accompanied by the microplate washer achieves that immunoenzymatic techniques allow detecting the presence of antibodies in patients and serological markers of the syphilis virus, such as:

  • Primary: Direct analysis is feasible to take advantage of clinical lesions compatible with this period. Serologic testing is demonstrated for a time of about one to four weeks.
  • Secondary: The diagnosis is simple and direct in the reaginic tests proving to be positive in most cases.
  • Early latent: no direct measurement is possible and there is a slow but progressive fall in immunoglobulin test titers.
  • Latent or Late: Demonstrates response in samples from more than one year of incubation and the effectiveness of positive treponemal tests, in addition to reaginic tests according to their evolution.
  • Tertiary: is performed based on the clinical picture of the patient, taking into account the symptoms of tertiarism, such as gumas, neurosyphilis, cardiovascular syphilis, etc.

The determination of this infection should be performed depending on the clinical status of the patient, taking into account the various epidemiological factors, each with different degrees of sensitivity and complexity. And for this, the Elisa assay is aimed at determining these treponemal antibodies of the patient, and simultaneously the microplate washer to comply with the general processes for the diagnosis of this virus.

Usage Processes

The microplate washer is the team in charge of removing any contents that have been deposited in the wells of the plate by means of suction and dump techniques. At the same time, the wells are washed with 300 ul of dissolved washing buffer, in addition it must be ensured that the height achieved when filling the wells does not overflow or cause errors in the reading of the samples.

Likewise, the substances for washing should be in the wells between 30 and 60 seconds to ensure that after use is completely clean. Double aspirates are necessary to remove any excess buffer and if it still persists after this procedure, it is recommended that the user use absorbent paper and tap gently several times and avoid errors.

It should be noted that if the cleaning of the wells is not completely sanitized and there are buffer residues, inaccurate results will be obtained, so these during the procedures should not be dried, but they should be rinsed with distilled water at the end of each process to avoid difficulties.

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