Bacticinerator Characteristics

The Bacticinerador sterilizer is a gas-free, flameless laboratory instrument for use with microbiological needles and inoculation handles. It achieves sterilization through infrared heat without dangerous splashing of microorganisms, to comply with widely fundamental antiseptic techniques in the field of microbiology.

It is also vital to ensure data integrity and maintain the purity of studies, with the use of loop sterilization, creating safety measures that reduce the potential for transmission of microorganisms, which is particularly important when working with pathogens.

The purpose of using the Bacticinerator is to create and maintain a sterile working environment, equipment and reagents, in order to minimize contamination of biological samples. This requires sterilized and calibrated handles.

General Characteristics

By using the Bacticinerator, it is one of the most common ways to establish a sterilized work environment. Thanks to its infrared heat it causes convection, generating an upstream that eliminates any pollutants in the air near the equipment, and the creation of a sterile field.

The structure of the team is also characterized as follows:

  • It features a ceramic funnel tube enclosed in a stainless steel perforated protection and stainless steel support.
  • It provides a high temperature of 825ยฐC ยฑ 50ยฐC.
  • Sterilize needles, handles in five to seven seconds.
  • It is an ideal instrument for anaerobic and aerobic chambers alike.
  • The ceramic element does not contain asbestos and ensures maximum sterility without splashing on the work surface.
  • They can also be maintained in specialized workstations known as laminar flow hoods, which use targeted airflow and filters to maintain sterility.

The correct use of the Bacticinerator is essential for environmental microbiologists when sampling in the field and in the laboratory is working with the media, reagents and isolated cultures.ย  On the other hand, bad technique in the field, can result in the transfer of microorganisms from critical environmental samples to the technician, as well as microbial contamination from one sample to another, and implies a loss of data integrity.

The time, labor, and financial cost required of a laboratory in an effort to โ€œclean upโ€ or replace contaminated crops, particularly rare isolated from unique environments, could be very high and prohibitive, as some isolates may be irreplaceable.

The Handles as Tools of the Bacticinerradores

For the parameters of bacteria in suspensions of biological fluids, calibrated handles, both metallic and plastic, have been essential tools in the clinical laboratory. Among the advantages of calibrated metal handles over disposable plastics, it has to be more effective in planting crops, are easy to handle, and also allow to perform semi-quantitative counts of different bacteria with greater safety. The main disadvantage lies in their high cost, since the handles are imported and manufactured with noble metals, which makes it difficult for many low budget laboratories to acquire them.

The handles are delineated to carry an exactly known sample volume and remains the most consistent procedure by many microbiology laboratories. The accuracy and compliance of these instruments should be certified by the supplier, since in the event of an inappropriate change of the sample, the effect of a study could lead to wrong definitions, leading to an inappropriate diagnosis.

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