Features of Security Storage Cabinets?

The safety storage cabinets are modules designed for the protection of contaminants, and in turn, protects the works against the contamination that these products transmit. 

In this way, it is important to note that cabinets must be essential in any type of work, which requires the handling of chemical substances, or flammable, especially in laboratories, since they meet the safety requirements and the storage capacity they provide. 

For this reason, it is important to note that the structure or characteristics that these possess are fundamental for their use and manipulation.

Features of Security Storage Cabinets

The objective of the security storage cabinets is based on the supply of protection and organization, which they offer. Therefore, the degree of functionality they provide is of great value, and likewise, they have general characteristics, which provide reliability and security, which are:

  • Made with electro galvanized steel sheet of a thickness of 1 – 1.5 mm, cold folded. 
  • External finish of epoxy resin, resistant to acids and passage through thermal tunnel at 200 °C.
  • Insulation of the cabinet, by means of high density rock wool panels and calcium sulfate panels. 
  • Internal finish with melanin panels, highly resistant to chemical vapors and aggressive. 
  • Thermo expansive insulating joints of 30 mm, which in case of temperature increase, certify a perfect tightness of the cabinet.

It should be noted that the internal temperature of the cabinet, during the defined period cycle, should not exceed 180 °C (50 °C in case of gas) to avoid explosions, and guarantee the personnel in any situation of danger that may be caused.

Functions of Security Cabinets

The main function of a safety cabinet is the protection provided by the modules from unwanted contact of hazardous substances (solid or liquid), in case of fire, for a defined period of time and the storage capacity they provide.

Since, cabinets must be capable of the necessary ventilation, in the presence of containers not hermetically closed, especially with substances, volatile mixtures, etc.; in order to reduce the odor, since the ventilation system, should keep the cabinet in depression. Likewise, the doors must be equipped with an automatic closing device, for when the ambient temperature reaches 50 °C.

Likewise, the height must not exceed 1.75 meters and the shelves must be tray type, to hold possible losses of liquids, caused by damage or accidental breakage of the containers. In the same way, the bottom tank must always be present, to collect accidental losses of liquids, not retained by the tray-type shelves, and even, the capacity must be at least 10% of the volume of all the containers contained in the cabinet, or at least 110% of the volume of the largest container. 

Finally, the cabinets are supplied with a grounding, which must be connected to the laying of the electrical installation, to prevent electrostatic discharges.

Kalstein Brand Safety Storage Cabinets

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