Use of Safety Cabinets as Equipment in the Veterinary Sector

In particular, security cabinets are ideal equipment to unambiguously guard any type of material that requires absolute protection. It has automatic closing doors, allowing the operator or user to handle them without complications.

In this case, within the veterinary sector, they are applied so that within their provisional plans they implement useful measures, to avoid accidents at work, for the protection of chemicals present in the working environment, since some chemicals are very dangerous and can cause the death of people exposed to them. Others are slightly safer for people to use, which in sufficient quantity or concentration, can alter the health of people who come into contact with it.

In this way, the daily work in offices, clinics and veterinary hospitals with the implementation of the security cabinets as equipment, the user will be able to protect all chemical material that works with them, offering benefits not only for the staff, but also for the patients.

Benefits of Cupboards in Veterinary Clinics

By using the security cabinets, it provides benefits of large storage space thanks to the high density installation, using the largest space and designed to keep pace with new innovations and future developments, thanks to the modular feature of the system, in addition to the extensive security structures and ergonomic design, also manages the logical control unit, greater accuracy and security technology.

The cabinet is the perfect solution for storage of units and tools of possible applications, where each tray is able to withstand loads up to 227 kg. It also offers the following benefits:

  • Easy access to veterinary items.
  • High speed of execution.
  • Improved usage and reduced storage space
  • Error reduction.
  • It certifies the safety and security of personnel and equipment.
  • Position indication, up to 60% more storage capacity
  • Well organized storage of small parts.

Generally, cabinets can be considered as safe, with a sufficient load volume and vertical position. Equally, stability is guaranteed at any stage of the activity. This can be achieved, according to the elaboration, either by means of the weight itself, by elements that allow the union between the spaces, both with each other and with appropriate parts, or with any other type of installations that ensure stability.

Characteristics of Cabinets

The cabinets are characterized by their multiple functions, because thanks to their equipment, it is possible to achieve the protection of veterinary chemicals. It itself has removable shelves, fully automatic folding doors and automatic locking door mechanisms. It also has integrated retention spaces, for the material suitable for the substance you need to store (it is not the same to store a poisonous substance from another pollutant but that was aggressive).

Likewise, it has an automatic start and close procedure, where the safety suspension prevents access to unauthorized personnel and storage capacity, allows to protect substances, flammable liquids, etc.

On the other hand, for the storage of chemicals from the outside, it is important not only to reliably collect hazardous substances in the event of loss, but also to protect them from the effects of the weather. In this case, the type of hazardous substance in the storage facilities is crucial for design, but so are other criteria such as safety distances.

Security Storage Cabinets Brand Kalstein

Kalstein’s Safety Storage Cabinets are market-leading equipment, ideal for protecting chemical products and protecting the user and the working environment. The same, corresponding to the YR series, designed to meet all the demands of our customers, such as: Safe and reliable double lock: Two locks, two managers. Double security, lock and closet lock, standardized management, improved security factor. Antistatic: Each model is equipped with an OSHA standard electrostatic prevention cable clip, ensuring safe use and management, etc.

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