Hematological Analyzers: How Do They Work? What Is Its Importance?

Hematological analyzers are devices used to perform complete blood counts or blood counts, perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of blood elements: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, are mainly used in medical biology analysis laboratories or in hospitals with hematology services; there are models of these analyzers that are intended for veterinary medicine.

It is an indispensable element in clinical diagnosis, since it can identify morphological abnormalities; the parameters obtained in the hematological counter allow an initial orientation with respect to several hematological pathologies, that is to say, it allows the identification of diseases in the patient and in this way to indicate to the physician the procedure to follow with the person suffering from a disease.

How Do Hematological Analyzers Work?

They are equipment through which we can perform the analysis of whole blood through the determination of several parameters such as leukocyte count, erythrocytes, hemoglobin values, platelets, leukocyte formula and others calculated indirectly as the corpuscular indices, all of them form a group of values essential for the medical diagnosis of diseases.

A hematological analyser or counter has several reading principles to be able to analyze the main parameters: White blood cells, erythrocytes/platelets and hemoglobin. The truth is that each manufacturer uses different technologies for reading cells. In the market we can find some instruments that use different techniques such as: Erythrocytes and Platelets: Enveloping flow principle of direct current, leukocytes: Fluorescence flow cytometry method, Hemoglobin: SLS detection method. KALSTEIN teams use electrical resistance methodology for counting, hemiglobinecanide method and SFT method for hemoglobin, 23 parameters.

Importance of hematological analyzers in a laboratory?

The importance of these equipment is based on the advantages it offers us in the laboratory area, that is, allowing us to perform an efficient work such as: Increasing laboratory productivity (greater number of samples processed per hour), reduced sample and reagent volumes used, greater accuracy, accuracy and reproducibility of results, provides cyto grams and histograms that contribute to an effective diagnosis.

If we use an automatic analyser as we present it in KALSTEIN offers you the speed, in addition, they have the advantage of being automatic that reduces or even avoids the need for manual intervention. In this way, the level of accuracy is increased and the number of failures is limited and primarily human error, which is one of the main obstacles of manual counting, is suppressed. We conclude that it has as importance the accuracy of the results and, therefore, a better cellular differentiation, at the same time the versatility, thanks to a range of measurement parameters.

How to choose the correct hematological analyser?

Certain criteria must be taken into account as the manufacturer, we KALSTEIN as company Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer guarantee you a YR series of devices that have 8.4″ color TFT, Windows interface, all test parameters are displayed simultaneously, Windows operating system graphics buttons, dilution, mixing, rinsing and removal of automatic obstructions, among other features you can find HERE

In addition to these criteria, the measurement technology used by the analyzers must be taken into account: The number of parameters that the device can supply, depending on each hematology analyser, can be supplied from nine to more than fifty parameters, the differential leukocyte where the three families can be identified: lymphocytes, monocytes and granulocytes.

Why have a blood analyser in your lab?

  • Automatic sampler to manage samples.
  • A staining and slide preparation system, for cases where the test result requires a smear.
  • PCR test — C-reactive protein — to detect risks of inflammation.
  • Touch screen for better user experience.

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