What are the Features and Applications of a Semen Analyser?

The semen analyser is a medical team that has different properties adapted to the type of user, in charge of measuring the quantity and quality of sperm, and checking the existence or not of problems, with the activity of the same. 

The equipment is based on providing an immediate seminal analysis evaluation of fresh, frozen, washed or enriched semen, easily and safely. In addition, it provides rapid results, diagnosis and treatment (if necessary) promptly and confidentially. 

Likewise, it studies all parameters objectively, evaluating each sample, using high-resolution images, calculating the size and shape, from the head to the end of the flagellum. It has appropriate technology, and various features that amplify information.

Semen Analyser Features

The semen analyser is responsible for studying the samples through an optical mechanism, which projects the image on the equipment, carrying out automatic detection and quality analysis, with factors towards determining sperm density, activity, mobility rate, and locus movement elements.

It should be noted that the equipment is characterized by being simple, easy to operate, does not cause pollution, has a high degree of intelligence, fast speed, sound quantification, high accuracy and abundant data detection parameters. This device is especially adjustable for the localization of clinical semen, and increase the level of early detection. It can be widely used in the departments of urology, obstetrics, toxicology, birth control and healthy birth research.  

However, it can be applied in some specialized fields, such as biological studies, endangered animal studies, artificial reproduction research, etc. 

Semen Analyser Applications

Thanks to technological advances in consumption, and micro-manufacturing tools, the operational development of semen analyser allows to demonstrate seminal quality with a double objective: 

  • Quantitative analysis allows knowing what is the sperm volume or amount, in addition to the concentration and number of sperm. 
  • Qualitative analysis allows us to know how viscosity, color and other characteristics are.

The device is designed with user guidance applications, accompanied by a disposable mechanism, on which the sample is placed, allowing to determine the number of sperm, and in turn analyze their mobility, size, shape and response to exposure to stimulant compounds, and / or depressants simultaneously. 

It has circulation measurements, which emit signals through the electrodes, to detect the activity of sperm, and determine the rate present in the sample. 

Thus, the analyser as a method of application, offers objective readings on the concentration, total motility, progressive motility and kinetics of sperm. It is based on algorithms, so it can be adapted to different species, thus making it the most suitable for the human sector, projected towards human activity, is also applicable in the veterinary, toxicological and research sector. 

With this equipment, the movement of each sperm can be clearly seen and cross-referenced with the evaluation.

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