Benefits of Wheelchairs for Stairs

The wheelchair, which allows people with disabilities to comfortably reach a place that previously would have been inaccessible, and by using a retractable set of rubber tracks to change the position of the chair to climb and down stairs, revolutionized the functions of these electrical devices.

The wheelchairโ€™s design has changed little since 1783, when the British man John Dawson created the Bath wheelchair: a seat on two large wheels and a small one, designed for use by patients in social activities in the Roman pools of the southwestern English city of Bath, quickly gained popularity and in 1830 began to be used as a mode of transportation for people with disabilities.

However, despite minor modifications during the 19th and 20th centuries, the integration of electric wheelchairs that allow climbing stairs has become the best tool for disabled people.

Features of Wheelchairs for Stairs

According to its functionality, currently the wheelchairs are light and has an additional pair of wheels in the rear so that users can raise the level of their seat. Therefore, large wheels also allow the chair to overcome obstacles such as curves, railway tracks, swampy terrain and stones more easily.

The design differs from some subtle models in its interior, as not only does it make it unique its speed and power, but it can also change by shifting the weight of the top using a lever. These new chairs have additional safety features, such as the special propulsion train, which allows you to better stand on the stairs and prevents the person from turning in any direction. The tilting system is very simple, and only requires a rotating joint.

Benefits of Ladder Wheelchairs

People with limited mobility will no longer have to worry about one of the main obstacles of streets and buildings, because with the use of electric wheelchairs for stairs, it is able to go up and down easily and without help from third parties. Thanks to it, users can easily highlight architectural barriers to enjoy greater independence.

The wheelchair for stairs, combines a careful design and state-of-the-art technology to highlight any obstacle that a user may encounter in their way on a daily basis. It is fitted by two large wheels, equipped with a self-balancing method to rotate on the ground with ease. However, the most attractive is its track mechanism, which allows it to climb and descend the stairs, as well as save sidewalks, steep slopes and other similar obstacles.

It also offers the following benefits:

  • It is a mobile solution, requires no installation or action to operate.
  • The ladder chair is removable, so it can be transported from one place to another without any problem.
  • It gives you access to the free staircase once your use is complete. The only two conditions to be able to use, is that the staircase is at least 55 cm and that the maximum load does not exceed 130 kilos, including the person and the wheelchair.

Electric Wheelchairs for Stairs Brand Kalstein

At Kalstein, we are manufacturers and we are committed to offering you the best equipment, with the best technology for our users to operate the best devices internationally. In this case, we bring you the Electric Ladder Wheelchairs, corresponding to the YR series, capable of helping to climb stairs, overcome obstacles and travel in any direction using the joystick on the side of the wheelchair. In addition, it is long-range, with lithium wheelchair, is the best staircase wheelchair and is three times faster than other wheelchairs. It also works well on all kinds of stairs, regardless of texture.

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