How does the Analytical Balance in Cosmiatry work?

The analytical balance is a device designed to accurately measure any type of mass and is highly sensitive. This very versatile weighing equipment offers a wide range of applications including density determination, percentage weighing and part count. The balance is usually better read than other weighing tools, since it can measure from 0.001g of precision and is recommended for mixing cosmetics for its manufacture, such as liquid base, fragrances, essential oils and perfumes.

They are ideal for measuring ingredients before distributing them in bottles. Your weight control certifies that the precise amount of ingredients is used for each product. They are usually inexpensive, portable, and easy to use for simple weighing exercises. They are reliable and designed to alert you to any overload, spill and accidental damage. They also provide finer readability, are sensitive to any changes and can vary the amounts of mass. That is, analytical scales are the fundamental tool for laboratories that produce cosmetics.

Method of use

Perceiving the impact of different crystalline forms is an important element when establishing physical and chemical properties of the final cosmetic product. Although the crystallinity result is a very important parameter, it is not easy to control. During the manufacture of cosmetic products, the correct amounts of certain ingredients must first be used to ensure that the products are safe, as some oils can cause skin reactions if they are incorrectly manufactured, or used in larger portions than required. Likewise, the use of analytical scales for cosmetics, they manage to increase productivity, because the calculations are accurate and the expansion of portions is easier and transform small batches into a cosmetic product produced in mass.

Likewise, the use of scales when making cosmetics will allow the use of the same amount of measurement in solid ingredients as for liquid ingredients, allowing accurate and consistent results.  In addition, it is possible to weigh ingredients quickly and efficiently, using the same container and using the tare function. Once accurate weight readings for each element in grams are achieved, cosmetic products can be effectively identified and meet the legal requirements to sell commercially.

Characteristics of the Analytical Balance

Analytical balances generally have many features and functions, where the vast majority of them have counting applications, and may be necessary when counting small pills and ingredients. Weighing is useful and allows laboratory professionals to weigh unstable samples, such as liquids. On the other hand, the percentage weighing, accesses a faster, effective and useful formulation for the production of products.

The accumulation responds that great results are achieved despite the small amounts and capacities that the balance supports, and instead of integrating everything at once, they can be reserved in containers to receive a total without risking the equipment putting everything at the same time. The combined measure of density, refractive index and raw material color prevents production losses and supports consistent product quality.

The use of these materials and the precise way of measuring the ingredients for the elaboration of the products, implementing the analytical balance for the proper calculation in mass and percentage, allows analysts to dedicate their work with confidence.

Kalstein Analytical Balance

Currently, the cosmetics industry is trying to find hair products and shades whose result is as close as possible to the actual color. But finding the right mix of colors is a challenging task that the analytical balance we manufacture can help, offering amazing accuracy and exact responsiveness to achieve the best results. We at Kalstein invite you to know our wide range of fully trained laboratory equipment for the entire cosmetic sector. And this time, we offer you the Analytical Balance, ideal for laboratories. The same, corresponds to the YR series, and has features such as: Electromagnetic sensor. JA-N (internal calibration). Aluminum housing. Large space windproof deck. LCD (white background light with black letter)

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