Agitators are revolutionary medical devices that have been changing the way we treat ourselves for many years; these devices help deliver a drug, liquid or solid, to an internal body cavity to ensure accurate dosing or to dissolve any drug that is not soluble in water.

Instead of having to take a medicine separately, shakers allow for more precise dosing; a shaker is essentially a mechanical device used to move a container to ensure that a liquid is evenly mixed with some medicines for the purposes mentioned above.

Types of Shakers a Laboratory may need

      Orbital Shaker YR05765

Using uniaxial drive balancing technology, machine runs smoothly with low noise;Brushless DC motor, long life, no need maintenance;


Orbital Shaker YR05766 // YR05768

Brushless DC motor, long life, no need maintenance,Overcurrent protection function, automatically eut ...


     Rotation Shaker YR05764

Rotation Shaker YR05764 is a combination of variable speed rotator, advanced multiple tube vortex in one machine , it accept tubes from 0.2ml to 50ml ,ail kinds


Vortex Mixer YR05761

YR05761  plate vortex mixer is best solution for shaking 96 well micro plate and other small size testing tube, centrifuge tube and pcr strip, etc. Applications in


Our Best Selling Laboratory Agitators

  • LED digital display can show the setting parameters directly.
  • The instrument adopt de motor, use microcomputer to contrai speed, to achieve high accuracy, and not affected by voltage fluctuations.
  • The instrument is designed with low speed start, avoiding sudden high speed may cause liquid spilt.
  • The instrument can automatically operate according to the original settings after power gel normal from sudden eut off.
  • The instrument can realize fault self-diagnosis by sound and light to prompt the fault location.
  • Each parameter value can be modified in real lime under running state.

Analysis of the best stirrers for your Laboratory

 What is a laboratory shaker?

Laboratory shakers, which are used to mix liquids and prepare solutions and suspensions. These equipments create a movement between liquids or between


Shaker make mixing your solutions easier

A shaker is a laboratory equipment used to mix or agitate substances in tubes or flasks, which is mainly used...


Use of Shakers in the production of Textile Paint

A painting is a specialized shade used in the manufacture of fabrics and other textile materials. These paints...


    Types of laboratory shakers

Laboratory shakers, also known as mixers, are laboratory products used in the chemistry and biology sectors to mix liquids and prepare solutions and suspensions...


Catalog of Laboratory stirrers models on offer


Guides to becoming an expert in Laboratory Agitators

Laboratory Agitators are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Agitators: revolutionizing the treatment of diseases

Agitators are revolutionary medical devices that have been changing the way we treat ourselves for many years; these ...

Reducing processing

time with stirrers 

In scientific areas where homogeneous mixtures are needed, such as medicine, biology, chemistry and food, stirrers are often the first resort to achieve the desired goal. In medicine, shakers allow drugs to..

The Impact of Agitators on Modern Medicine

Modern medicine is one of the most important advances humanity has made; gaining access to the best medical...

Laboratory Agitators: hot plate, parts and maintenance

Among the variety of laboratory agitators we have hot plates, they are heating plates very used in areas of biology and chemistry, most of these types of agitators are small models of desktop, portable and autonomous, some have one or more heating elements...

Laboratory shakers in operation

In recent years, the technology of stirrers has been gaining increasing importance in the industry; stirrers, also known as mixers, are used to mix liquids to achieve controlled and homogeneous chemical reactions.

These machines allow to work with different materials, varying size, consistency, temperature and pressure; they are the ideal tool for mixing solvents, reagents, solid materials, liquids and gases.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laboratory Agitators

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