Reducing processing time with stirrers

In scientific areas where homogeneous mixtures are needed, such as medicine, biology, chemistry and food, stirrers are often the first resort to achieve the desired goal. 

In medicine, shakers allow drugs to be mixed with nutritive liquids, which are administered to patients, as well as allowing the mixing of material used in different types of tests. 

Advances that have been made with shakers today for laboratories

Although shakers are effective, they have the drawback of requiring a lot of time for processing; this can result in considerable delay in the processing of medications, laboratory tests and other critical products. To achieve a reduction in processing time, practitioners made a major breakthrough in shaker technology. 

Today, high-speed shakers are available in the market to reduce processing time; these shakers are commonly known as ultrasonic shakers. 

Benefits generated by shakers in relation to patient treatments

These devices are used in both laboratory and mass production processes, and offer better processing efficiency than traditional shakers; ultrasonic shakers are composed of a motorized unit and a vibrating platform with a working area where chemical reactions occur. 

The vibrating platform vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies, generating an energy field that results in a homogeneous dispersion of gas, liquid, solid or a mixture of these; this significantly reduces the processing time needed to achieve the best result. 

Benefits generated by the use of ultrasonic stirrers in laboratories

In addition, ultrasonic stirrers are safer and less prone to contamination than traditional stirrers; these stirrers can also be used to reduce costs in production processes with quality. 

Due to the speed of the process, they can save significant amounts of money by eliminating the need for additional materials, allowing complex projects to be completed more quickly and efficiently. 

Being safer than traditional agitators, ultrasonic agitators allow for cleaner processing, with minimal contamination to the final product

In conclusion, advances in ultrasonic agitation technology have resulted in a great improvement for many sectors, by allowing treatment time to be reduced; this technology can be used to optimize the production and processing of products, with the guarantee of obtaining high quality and homogeneous mixtures. 

In addition, by being able to reduce treatment times, incremental cost savings can be achieved.

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