Laboratory agitators: hot plate, parts and maintenance

Among the variety of laboratory agitators we have hot plates, they are heating plates very used in areas of biology and chemistry, most of these types of agitators are small models of desktop, portable and autonomous, some have one or more heating elements, they are silent and efficient, also allow the option of being used inside closed hermetic systems without the need to include rotating seals, do not have movable external parts that can break or wear easily, have advantages that are easy to clean and do not require the use of lubricants that can contaminate the sample.

This type of stirrers is used to heat containers with liquids, in a controlled way, the heating plates have as main function to heat the glass material or its contents, among the most important parts that possess these devices is a power selector which will allow us to adjust the thermal emission and the time required to heat a certain container, between the applications highlights in addition to the heating of containers, used to prepare chemicals and solutions.

Parts of the lab Hot Plate

Some heating plates contain a magnetic stirrer, allowing the heated liquid to shake automatically if a small magnet or stirring bar is inserted into it; some typical analog plate has dimensions of approximately 300 x 300 mm and a ceramic surface capable of resisting chemical attack. They reach maximum surface temperatures of up to 450 °C, although such high temperatures are generally not used.

The most advanced equipment is designed with a digital temperature control, an aluminum plate with high resistance to impacts and spills, audible alarm for excess temperature and protection against sensor breakage, digital screen where shows the temperature and speed; It is very important to have a good supplier that offers specific features of a high-tech device, we at KALSTEIN have a YR series with technical specifications that meet the most demanding requirements and the best PRICE on the market, visit us at HERE

Hot Plate features brand KLASTEIN

  • Very compact and easy to operate.
  • Digital temperature and speed display, heating temperature: Rt-380 degrees and mixing speed: 100-1800 RPM
  • Heat and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy housing for added durability.
  • Aluminum heating plate with ceramic coating for excellent heat distribution and corrosion resistance.
  • The specially designed housing prevents spills from damaging the electronic components inside.
  • Secondary thermal insulation plate prevents heat loss and eliminates heat damage to electronic components.
  • Adjustable temperature and rotation speed.

Maintenance recommendations for a Hot Plate

A number of recommendations for the maintenance of this equipment should be followed in order to avoid possible accidents, including:

  • Electronic card inspection, adjustment and cleaning, electrical contact adjustment, swiches revision and control commands, wiring.
  • Revision, tuning and lubrication of mechanical system.
  • Engine inspection and cleaning.
  • Resistance check and heating plate.
  • Bearing inspection and lubrication.
  • External and internal integral cleaning of the equipment.
  • Performance check.
  • Maintenance report, sticker and photographic record of the work performed.
  • Among other recommendations of the manufacturer.

Recommendations for use of the Hot Plate

  • Make sure the knobs are off. 
  • The base should be placed on a hard surface, such as a counter table.
  • Connect the power cord to the back of the base and the other end of the power cord to a standard power outlet. Make sure the power outlet is secure and the power cord is not twisted.
  • Turn the ignition switch on the right side of the base. 
  • Be careful with the baking plate on. DO NOT touch the aluminum surface as it is very hot and can cause serious burns.
  • Adjust the sensor or knob to maintain the desired heat level, using a thermometer to check the temperature of the solution.
  • To turn off the hot plate, turn the knob to the left until you hear a click and the white mark points down, or in case of being digital press the OFF button until you hear the click.

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