What are refractometers used for in a laboratory?

This device allows us to measure the density of liquids, gases and solids from the beginning of the refraction of light originating in the boundary layer between the prism and the sample; its main function is to analyze different substances present in a subject and identify each component to evaluate its degree of purity; it is an accurate optical instrument.

Refractometers work very simply, the refraction of light is used, which is a physical property of any substance and is related to some physical properties such as density; from there, and according to its application, different scales are constructed; the laboratory refractometer is responsible for measuring the density of liquids, knowing that the denser the liquid, its refraction will be greater.

Parts of a laboratory handheld Refractometer

  • Main Prism: where the samples are placed, it has a sheet that allows to cover the substances that are deposited.
  • Adjustment Screw: to adjust the calibration.
  • Mirror Tube: reflects light upwards.
  • Eyepiece: focusable lens where the scale is observed.
  • Scale: Indicates the measurement scale.

Types of Refractometers

  • Abbe refractometer: it is used to measure the density, concentration of salts, sugars, acids, soluble solids in a medium, it can only measure solutions with refractive indices lower than indicated by the glass.
  • Digital Refractometer: analyzes substances such as lactose, glucose, among others, its results are accurate, fast and safe, they have a screen that shows the temperatures and the results of each measurement, specialized in measuring samples difficult to read as fruit pupa or industrial resins.

What Refractometers are used for in a laboratory

  • Identify types of substances
  • Determine its degree of purity
  • Determine the percentage of solute dissolved in a solution
  • It yields various qualitative analyses.
  • It is used in the food industry to measure the sugar levels of food
  • To measure levels in juices, soft drinks, sauces or others in the area of liquid foods.
  • In the chemical area for important measurements in the manufacture of chemical products.
  • Its fundamental use is the measurement of the refractive index of a medium.

Areas where Refractometers are used

  • Laboratories in general.
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Food industry.
  • Manufacture of products for human consumption.
  • Scientific and technological experiments.
  • Petrochemical industry

Advantages of using refractometers in a laboratory

  • Real-time measurement, which allows instant feedback of changes in the process identifying the problem and taking preventive actions.
  • Continuously measuring online allows a better understanding and optimization of the process to increase production and product quality.
  • Measurements are not affected by particles or temperature changes in the process medium.
  • It is maintenance-free and does not require recalibration, reducing costs
  • It allows to exchange the sensors freely between applications or recipes without inconvenience.

Kalstein Brand Refractometers and their applications

  • Refractometer YR01768 0-10% Brix: this model is applied to measure Brix of low concentration solution, such as: fruit juices, grape wine and most beverages, measuring range 0-10% minimum scale 0.1%.
  • Refractometer YR01774 0-50% Brix: allows to measure the concentrated solution of grape sugar, measuring range 0-50% minimum scale 0.5%.
  • Refractometer YR01770 0-32%: applies to measure Brix of common concentration solution, measuring range 0-32%, minimum scale 0.2%.
  • Refractometer YR01773 58-92% Brix: this model is used to measure three common honey indices: sugar content, baume grade and water content, measuring range 58~92%Brix, minimum scale 0.5%.

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