Automatic pipettes, how are they used?

Automatic pipettes or micropipettes are laboratory instruments necessary to measure small volumes and transfer them from one container to another, ย the advantage of these automatic pipettes is that they can measure liquids with great accuracy, it is achieved by turning a wheel integrated into the pipette, and shows us the volume on the digital screen.

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Parts of the automatic pipette

  • Embolus
  • Adjustment wheel
  • Axis
  • Ejector button
  • Volume indicator
  • Gripper
  • Tip support

Micropipettes are pipettes of smaller sizes, so the measurements are more accurate; automatic pipettes usually have a volume lock so that it cannot be changed while we work and leads us to error.

Features of the automatic pipette

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy calibration and adjustment
  • Resistant so that it does not break easily and can last for years.
  • They may have one or two buttons, to absorb and expel the substance.
  • They have a volume lock button.
  • According to the KALSTEINmodels, you can find differentcharacteristics, to meet your requirements and needs, you just have to visit us on our website https://kalstein.net/es/ ย to consult all the models and their characteristics, in addition to making any query, our specialists will be at your disposal for the moment of online purchase and sale.

Types of KALSTEIN pipettes

  • Electronic macropipettes
  • Pump Pipette
  • Repetitive Pipette
  • Multichannel Pipettes for Liquid Handling
  • Pipettes for Liquid Handling

In addition to these models you canfind in the STAND of KALSTEIN products, micropipettes ย for small volumes that are more accurate, and macropipettes, when we need to handle largequantities ofsolutions.

How are pipettes used?

  • There should be no foam or bubbles in the pipette liquid.
  • Always clean the bottom tip of thepipette.
  • Verify that the tip is well placed and fits perfectly before establishing the volume.
  • When the user adjusts the working volume, the rotation should be smooth and should not be exceeded from the upper-lower imites.
  • Hold the pipette with one hand and use the other to turn the wheel.
  • Adjust the volume button to adjust with one hand.
  • Do not exceed the desired volume.
  • Hold the pipette in an almost vertical position.
  • Press the plungergently, hto the highest position first.
  • For suction, immerse the tip of the pipette in the substance for a few millimeters, gently release thembolo so that it moves upwards to the resting position.
  • For stabilization, dispensing and purging follow the instructions of the model you are using.

Advantages of using automatic pipettes

  • We can transfer1ml of reagent for 20 tubes.
  • The vacuum and ejection time is reduced.
  • Simpler technique.
  • Little residue at the tip.
  • It does not need cleaning in every use.
  • Advanced and more resistant materials.
  • Completely autoclavable.
  • Much more control and less risk exposure.
  • Saving time and resources.
  • Faster to transfer liquids.

Applications of automatic pipettes in the laboratory

  • Fill dishes with reagents.
  • Create a series of diluents.
  • Transfer samples from one container to another.
  • Prepare the master mixture of a reagent.
  • Measure small volumes.
  • Increased performance in analytics.
  • It is used in analytical studies and in all cases the precise measurement of a substance is needed.
  • Preparation of solutions.

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