What are deep freezers used for in a laboratory?

The deep freezers or freezers of laboratories are of low temperature, commonly of -80ยฐC, they are presented in vertical and horizontal position, they have as a characteristic that they produce large consumptions of electrical energy, due to the low temperature of the ultrafreezer, but thanks to the updates theultrafreezers, their technological development as those produced in KALSTEIN consume less electrical energy.

These equipment use a cooling system mixtures of hydrocarbon gases: ethane and propane; they are the perfect answer for minimal energy consumption, lower environmental impact and reduced running costs; they are also the necessary equipment for preservation at ultra-low temperatures in the most demanding conditions, but with the highest levels of safety.

General characteristics of laboratory deep freezers

There are a number of models and brands of manufacturers of deep freezers for laboratories; each one offers a series of options that facilitate and favor the function of these equipment; but they highlight certain general characteristics that are indispensable for use in the various areas of laboratories where this equipment is needed; below, we offer you a list of special characteristics and that are present in KALSTEIN brand deep freezers:

  • High-precision computerized temperature control system
  • Audible and visual alarm system.
  • Environmentally friendly Freon-free refrigerant.
  • Delay protection and stop power interval stop function.
  • Designed with two compressors and two cameras.
  • They have a high efficiency closed compressor that allows energy savings and low noise level.
  • Design oriented to the human being.

Use of deep freezers in laboratories.

Due to the series of special characteristics that these equipment possess, their function goes beyond the simple storage ofsamples, common to any laboratory; since they are required to preserve in depth the structures and maintain the effectiveness of the components, they are required for the control, maintenance and reliable and safe conservation of the samples; then,ย  we list some of the main uses of deep freezers in a laboratory:

  • Storage of special materials.
  • Store blood plasma
  • Protection of vaccines.
  • Store organic products.
  • Storage of scientific materials.
  • Storage of reagents.
  • Long-term storage of samples without damaging their atomic structure.
  • To preserve biological samples.
  • Protects infrastructures from cold.
  • They preserve the sensory and organoleptic properties of food.

Areas of application of deep freezers.

Deep freezers have a wide range of uses, which allows them to belong not only to laboratory areas, but to a large field within industries; in addition to different productive and health sectors, so it is important to have a deep freezer in these areas:

  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Medical industries.
  • Plastics industries.
  • Food sector.
  • Hospitals and clinics.
  • Research and experimentation centers.
  • In the field of biological sciences.
  • Blood bank.
  • Transplant areas.
  • Education sector.
  • Laboratories

Types of KALSTEIN deep freezers for use in the laboratory

  • -10ยฐC ~ -40ยฐClow temperature ongelador.
  • -10ยฐC ~-40ยฐC Low temperature medical freezer.
  • -20ยฐC ~ -40ยฐC Low temperature economical medical freezer.
  • -20ยฐC ~ -40ยฐC Ultra-low temperature economical medical freezer.
  • -20ยฐC ~ -40ยฐC Ultra-low temperaturefreezer.
  • -86ยฐC Ultra low temperature freezer.
  • -86ยฐC Small freezer for laboratory and medicine.
  • -86ยฐC Ultra low freezer for laboratory.
  • -86ยฐC Ultra low deep temperature freezer.

Each model has design, different settings, parts and structure ranging from the concepto of simplicity and effective, withreliability and low cost. They offer benefits applicablein all hospitals, ย clinics ย industries; optimizing the ย storage and conservation of the different samples ย and important vaccines.

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