A spectrophotometer is a piece of equipment used to measure the absorbance of a sample, as a function of the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation. There are several types of spectrophotometers. These are grouped according to the type of sample analyzed; There are atomic absorption and molecular absorption (commonly known as a UV-VIS spectrophotometer).

Spectrophotometers are used in laboratories to determine what the beam of electromagnetic radiation or light is and thus identify, qualify and quantify what its intensity is like. In the same way, it allows determining its efficiency, sensitivity, resolution and spectral range. Which will depend on the variabilities of the design and the choice of the optical components it contains

Types of Spectrophotometers that may be needed in a Laboratory

Handheld Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometry is a technique that has the ability to evaluate and measure how much light can be absorbed by a substance, either solid or liquid, this technique seeks to measure the luminous intensity of the sample when a beam of light passes through it. Spectrometry is based on the Beer-Lambert law, this law explains that there is an exponential interaction between the transmission of light through a substance and the concentration of the same, this foundation allows it to be used in different areas both medical and scientific.

Spectrometry has several applications in different areas, such as biology, medicine and chemistry, among the functions of this technique is to analyze quantitatively and qualitatively the problem or unknown samples in research laboratories.

Multi Angles Spectrophotometer

  • Multi-angle measurement
  • Adopt 3 light sources, 1 receiver to measure 3 measuring angles at the same time.
  • More intuitive display The touch screen can display all angle measurement results, a more intuitive view of the complete data.
  • Touch screen can display all angle measurement results, more intuitive view of complete data.
  • 256" dual-matrix CMOS imaging element image sensor
  • Higher optical resolution ensures the measurement speed, accuracy, stability and consistency of the instrument.
  • Core technology makes it the same platform with international standards and full compatibility.

In Kalstein you can find the ideal spectrophotometers for your Laboratory

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Spectrophotometers to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Benchtop Spectrophotometer YR05476

YR053406 is a benchtop grating spectrophotometer which is developed by Kalstein independently with independent intellectual property. YR053406 has...


Double beam UV / VIS spectrophotometer c- YR01863 // YR01865

series are wide screen double beam spectrophotometer.They adopt double beam long light path design to ensure...


Double Beam UV / Vis Spectrophotometer – YR01862

Dual optical path, dual beam optical system, dual detector, with imported high performance grating, lower stray light, higher stability, reliability, more accurate analysis...


UV VIS Spectrophotometer with Ultraviolet-Visible

YR01857 spectrophotometer equipped with 6 inches LCD display, is an ideal and advanced analytical instrument for laboratory to realize wavelength...


Our Best Selling Spectrophotometer

spectrophotometer is equipped with three measuring aperture of φ 8 mm, φ 4 mm, 1×3 mm, more adaptability, accurate color measurement, stable performance, in plastic electronics, paint coating, textile printing and dyeing, paper products printing, automotive, medical, Cosmetics and food industries, in scientific research institutions, laboratory fields are widely used.

YR05493 // YR05494 series grating spectrophotometer is a Kalstein company spent 3 years, carefully designed, fully with independent intellectual property rights grating spectrophotometer. The instrument uses 1000 precision bright grating lines as optical divider, built-in silicon photodiode array sensor (40 double-row groups), imported white board, repeatability delta E * AB easily controlled within 0.03, the use of long-life full-spectrum LED as light source, optical resolution in the visible range is less than 10 nm.

Analysis of the best Spectrophotometers for your laboratory

What is Spectrofluorometry?

Spectrofluorometry is the science that analyzes the fluorescence of a sample. This science, is applied by a device called Fluorometer...


What is a Spectrophotometer?   

A spectrophotometer is a device that is used in laboratories to determine what the beam of electromagnetic...


Fluorometer vs. Spectrophotometer

A fluorometer is a piece of equipment that allows the analysis, identification and quantification of chemical ...


What are the uses of a spectrophotometer?

Spectrophotometry quantifies the concentration of a specific substance that is present in a sample by comparing...


Catalog of models of Spectrophotometers on offer


Guides to becoming an expert in Spectrophotometers

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When to calibrate my Spectrophotometer?

The spectrophotometer is a piece of equipment used in the laboratory in order to determine the concentration of a substance in a solution, thus allowing quantitative analysis to be carried out. 

What is it? and How is it used? a Spectrophotometer

A spectrophotometer is a piece of equipment that measures how much light a substance absorbs. Its efficiency, resolution...

Spectrophotometers: care and maintenance 

A spectrophotometer is an instrument used in laboratories to measure the absorbance of a sample, as a...

How to keep your spectrophotometer in good condition?

The spectrophotometer is one of the main diagnostic and research instruments developed by humans. It is used in the laboratory in order to determine the concentration of a substance in a solution, thus allowing quantitative analysis...

Spectrophotometer operating

A spectrophotometer, commonly known as a UV/VIS spectrophotometer, is a device used to measure the absorption of radiation in the visible and ultraviolet light spectrum. It is an instrument used by scientists in laboratories to investigate materials that reflect, absorb and emit light.

These instruments are used in both industry and research to identify and quantify chemical compounds in a sample. Spectrophotometers detect a range of wavelengths from ultraviolet to visible light.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spectrophotometers

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