What is Spectrofluorometry?

Spectrofluorometry is the science that analyzes the fluorescence of a sample. This science, is applied by a device called Fluorometer, and is an instrument which measures and studies the properties of chemical compounds, with the purpose of deducing information on luminescent elements.

Generally, the properties can be investigated depending on the grouping of different species, and/or the chemical environment of the sample, through quantitative and qualitative analysis.

This device works through a beam of ultraviolet light, which stimulates the electrons of the molecules of certain compounds, and induces the emission of light with a lower energy, usually visible light (although not necessarily).ย 

Finally, it has an endless number of practical applications, from simple fluorescent wall to studies in analytical chemistry. In nature, there are several samples of entities that manipulate fluorescence and especially chemiluminescence, to attract food or mate, or to scare off predators.

Conceptualization of Spectrofluorometry

Generally, it is the science that studies species that possess electronic states of interest, and an excited electronic state of higher energy. Within each, there are different vibrational states. To know the states of the science of Spectrofluorometry, it is done through the stimulation of the sample, by the absorption of a photon of light, from its electronic phase to one of the different vibrational states. These elements cause emission and lose vibrational energy until the lowest change of the stimulated electronic period is obtained. Thus, by analyzing the different frequencies of light emitted by spectrofluorescence, together with their relative intensities, the arrangement of the different vibration levels can be established.

In spectrofluorometry, two general types of instruments are used:

  • Filter fluorometer: which uses filters to block incident light, and fluorescent light.
  • Spectrofluorometer: are used for diffraction reticle monochromators, and isolate incident light and fluorescent light.

Both types of instruments use light projects from a stimulation source, which passes through a filter or monochromator, and affects the study sample.

Applications and Usage

Spectrofluorescence is used in biochemical, medical, chemical, environmental studies, for example, in tracing (hydrogeology) and research of organic compounds. It has also been applied to differentiate skin malignant from benign tumors.

Fluorometers are responsible for measuring the changes emitted by the samples. There are two types, which are emission and excitation.

  • To produce an emission spectrum, the light spectrum is captured for a given excitation wavelength.
  • In contrast, to produce an excitation spectrum, the light emitted by luminescence is observed at a given wavelength, for different excitation wavelengths.

Fluorometers detect concentrations of fluorescent molecules as low as 1/1,000,000,000 10-18 .

In short, spectrofluorometers, normally providing greater understanding and a broader efficient level, detect many biological and chemical processes. Fluorescent alternatives are often available for applications such as cell viability and nucleic acid quantification.

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