Total Organic Carbon Analyzer YR04950-1

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

  • High-performance processor,ensuring stable and reliable system running.
  • Modular design,simplifying device operation and maintenance.
  • Imported NDIR detector,guaranteeing higher sensitivity and stability.
  • PID temperature controlling technology, reaching higher accuracy.
  • Precise gas flow control technology improves accuracy.
  • Unique three-stage dehydration technologyimproves drying efficiency.
  • Automatic sample dilution,acid-adding and purging.
  • Unique liquid path and flow control system extend the servicelife of catalyst.
  • Real-time monitoring of diluted water and waste water.
  • Multi-functional PC software.
  • Personalized standard curve management provides great convenience forusers.
  • Consumables management reminds users to replace consumables in time.
  • 680℃catalytic oxidation technology with Platinum catalyst,especially for seawater test.
  • Optional 20-position autosampler saves 80% time and energy.
Technical Specification
 Model YR04950-1
 Detector NDIR
 Parameters TC, TIC, TOC, NPOC
 Method High Temperature Combustion
 Operation Mode PC Software Controlled
 Application Liquid Sample
 Gas Requirement Oxygen≥99.995%
 Measurement Range 0-30000mg/l (ppm)
 Power AC220V, 50Hz or AC110V, 60HZ, 200W
 Size 450*500*480mm

Additional Information

Weight 71 kg

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