Infusion pump

Infusion pumps are medical devices that are used to generate mechanical pressure to move a fluid through a tube into the patient's vascular system, thus allowing medicinal fluids to be administered more accurately. These medical teams play a key role in the technological devices used in a surgical operation, especially in the induction and maintenance of total intravenous anesthesia, but also in the administration of medication needed by the patient while in the operating room

Infusion pumps are used because of their ability to deliver medications and solutions at high pressures that cannot be reached with manually operated or gravity-dependent equipment, such as during intra-arterial drug administration, or very rapid flows of solutions during resuscitation (200-1000 ml/h).


Types of Infusion Pump that the medical sector may need

Remote Control Infusion Suction Pump

4.3-inch color LCD screen with backlight suitable for working in various ambient light conditions.Infusion monitoring system (optional), the status of each pump is displayed in real time at the central station through wireless transmission. Displays the time...



15.1″ high resolution color LED backlight display, with high contrast and wide viewing angle, touch screen is optional, display mode: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M, image storage: 4G hard drive to permanently store around 5000 frames...


Our Best Selling Infusion Pump

  • Large LCD screen, with backlight, suitable for working in various ambient light conditions.
  • Disposable intravenous equipment of any brand is suitable for this pump
  • Three working modes: rate/volume/time mode
  • Purge KVO function
  • The heating function is optional, suitable for infusing in winter or if there is a requirement for the temperature of the drug.
  • The central monitoring system is optional, the infusion status of each pump is displayed in real time at the central station through wireless transmission.

The use of infusion pumps dates back to the late 1960s and from then until today, these medical devices continue to be used continuously in the health sector. The introduction of these devices facilitated the administration of parenteral solutions and blood transfusions, since prior to their appearance, the flow of fluids had to be monitored to achieve accuracy in the process, but this was not fully functional because it delayed the patient's recovery.

Analysis of the best Infusion Pump for the medical sector

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An infusion pump is a modern medical equipment that is currently used to allow the movement of fluids used in...


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An infusion pump is a medical device that is used to move the fluids used in medicine (solutions, drugs, blood) through...


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Infusion pumps are artificial energy devices capable of providing a positive influence of liquid to infuse in patients, providing...


Catalog of models of Infusion Pump on offer


Guides to becoming an Infusion Pump expert

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Infusion Pump to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

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Differences between an infusion pump and a syringe pump

Infusion pumps and syringe pumps are medical devices that enable people to precisely deliver drugs or solutions to their body in controlled amounts.

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