Laminar flow Hood, clean bench and biosecurity cabinets

A laminar flow cabinet, laminar flow chamber or laminar flow hood is an enclosure that employs a fan to force air through a HEPA or ULPA filter and provide clean air to the working area free of particles up to 0.1 microns. This type of equipment is usually manufactured in prismatic form with a single free face (the front) that gives access to the interior, where the work surface is located, which normally remains clean and sterile.
Inside these cabins or hoods you work with semiconductor wafers, cell cultures or any other system that must be kept clean and should avoid contamination with tiny particles. These cabins are designed to provide clean and constant air at an air flow rate of 0.3 to 0.5 meters per second to sweep the surface of the work area and prevent particle suspension and possible contamination of the samples. The air is injected into the working area through a HEPA or ULPA filter and inflated in the form of a laminar flow or unidirectional flow, very smooth, towards the user.

Types of Biosafety Cabinets and Hoods that a Laboratory may require

Class II Biosafety Cabinets

  • The glass door can be moved up and down, can be arbitrarily positioned, easy to operate and can be completely closed for sterilization, and positioning height limit alarm indications.
    The power outlet socket in the working area is equipped with waterproof plug and sewerage interface to provide great convenience.
    A special filter is installed in the exhaust air to control emission pollution.
    The working environment is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which is smooth, seamless and without dead ends. It can be easily and completely disinfected and corrosion can be prevented by corrosive and disinfecting agents.
    It adopts LCD led panel control and built-in UV lamp protection device, which can only be opened when the safety door is closed.

Horizontal Laminar flow cabinet

  • Low power centrifugal wind wheel motor, based on the principle of air flow mechanics, large diameter arc-shaped inlet design to reduce the generated turbulence to ensure quiet operation of the system.
    Reasonable duct design, optimized net press box, with micro-mesh design layer outlet wind deflector, convex, no dead ends, to ensure the uniformity and stability of air flow.
    Standard early efficiency primary filter and double filter to prevent airflow dust particles from entering and extend the service life of the high efficiency filter. High efficiency HEPA non-plat HEPA filter, 99.99% retention efficiency.
    According to customer's requirements, CLEANFLOW series with vertical airflow and horizontal airflow.


At Kalstein you can find the ideal Biosafety Hoods and Cabinets for your lab

There are an infinite number of models, so it's normal that you don't know which Biosafety Hoods and Cabinets to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them so you can find what you're looking for

Biological Safety Cabinet YR05270-1 // YR05271-1

A biosafety booth, biosafety booth or microbiological safety booth is a closed and ventilated enclosure or workspace...


Biological Safety Cabinet YR05708 // YR05710

YR053708 // YR05710 biological safety cabinet Class II biological safety cabinet/biological safety cabinet is...


Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05725

This is a Kind of new type horizontal unidirectional clean bench widely used in electron, national defense, precise instrument and apparatus, pharmacy..


Clean Bench Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05724

The desk clean bench is a local purification unit used in the aseptic and dust-free clean environment in the fields...


Our Best Selling Biosafety Cabinet

  • Front Panel
  • Liner and guide deflectors 5 mm thick anti-melamine board
  • (Window) 5 mm thick tempered glass
  • PP cup for laboratory only
  • Built-in drain foot
  • Lower Side Plate
  • Bottom rear plate
  • Lower movable floor
  • Built-in axial fan, air collector and anti-corrosion hose
  • With wind regulator

Analysis of the best Biosafety hoods and Cabinets for your Laboratory

How does a fume hood work?

A hood or hood in laboratories are an effective means of capturing flammable, irritant, corrosive, carcinogenic...


  What is laminar flow hood?

A laminar flow hood is a device that allows obtaining a sterile and safe area for any need that is required within...


Laboratory Hoods: Differences

Laboratory hoods are fundamental pieces in the operation of this space to maintain air quality. The variety of...


How does a laminar flow cabinet work?

A laminar flow cabin is a laboratory equipment that provides an area delimited ...


Catalog of models of Biosafety Hoods and Cabinets on offer


Guides to become an expert in Biosafety Hoods and Cabinets

Biosafety hoods and cabinets are indispensable products in a laboratory, we provide you with guides and recommendations for a better use, so you can work as an expert.

What types of Biosafety Cabinets are there?

These safety cabinets should be used when it is necessary to protect the user and the sample, or the environment..

Safety levels in a biological Safety Cabinet

The biological safety cabinet represents a primary containment barrier that allows safe work with biological agents...

What is a Laminar flow and Biosafety hood?

Laboratory hoods are equipment that allow maintaining the quality of the air in these spaces, preserving the reagents ...

How Safety Cabinet design protects your Laboratory?

All laboratories and work environments benefit from adopting safety measures to protect people, equipment and materials; this is especially true when the environment involves potential hazards, such as toxic substances...

Videos of Hoods and Cabinets in Operation

In this section you will find our cabins and hoods, packaged, receiving service, etc..

Process of using biological Safety Cabinets

They are those tools that allow to obtain a sterile and safe area for any need that is required within a laboratory. They can be: Horizontal and Vertical. Basically, it constitutes a space which, by means of a specific air treatment, allows working in an area with a strict control of non-viral particles.

This type of equipment is used for certain processes where extreme contamination control is required.

Normally, these systems are used for microbiological control procedures, packaging process, sterile filling, etc. but in no way should they be used for processes involving strains of contaminating biological agents, whether known or unknown. For these cases there are biological safety cabinets, prepared for the protection of the product / process, the operator and the environment.

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