Water Systems

The use of purified water is essential for laboratory work, not only for washing the instruments used in the laboratory, but also for the preparation of non-crucial test solutions; in addition to producing ultra-pure water needed for crucial experiments and chemical and biological applications.

Water purification systems have their optimal applications and advantages for water treatment; the process of water purification is mainly to remove pollutants and other unwanted organic particles in order to meet the needs of laboratories; water purification is to produce potable water.

Types of Water Purification Systems that a Laboratory may require

Water Purification System YR60-1

YR Water Purification system can produce CAP/CLSI Type I reagent water for clinical analyzer.It enables...


Water Purification System YR54 / YR54-3

Water purification progresses through separate modules, each with quick connects for simple individual replacement...


Water Purification System YR55 / YR55-3

Supported by Kalstein worldwide service,Part of an overall solution that includes design, consumables...


Water Purification System YR56 / YR56-1

The content of organic and inorganic substances in the feedwater are reduced to values approaching their ...


Our Best Selling Water Purification System

The YR water purification system can produce CAP / CLSI Type I reagent water for clinical analyzer. It allows direct connection and on-line operation. The independent manual control water outlet can be used for additional applications.

YR water purification systems can be applied to prepare a pure water solution for a range of biochemical analyzers, including TOSHIBA, OLYMPUS, HITACHI, ROCHE, MINDRAY, etc. In addition, our technical and application specialists are always available to answer any questions, as well as providing friendly and expert advice on choosing the most suitable water purification systems.

Analysis of the best Water purifier systems for your Laboratory

Water Purification Systems: Ionization

In any laboratory we require the use of drinking water to fulfill some basic functions within them, such as...


What is an ultra water purifier?  

It is a laboratory water ultra-purification equipment. This device is structured by cutting-edge technologies...


Processes for water purification  

At present there are several equipment for the treatment and filtration of water. The choice of the most suitable ...


Water distillers to reveal photographs

The professional sectors in which water is an essential element for the execution of its most important activity  ...


Guides for you to become an expert in water purification systems

Water purifiers are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

What functions should a laboratory water system perform?

A laboratory water system is a fundamental element in all laboratories, as it serves to provide the water quality needed...

How many laboratory water purification     systems are there?      

The importance of having quality water in laboratories, focuses on the usefulness and need that purified water ...

Water purification system: What systems exist in a laboratory?

Good quality water is considered a key element to successfully carry out the analyzes and experiments that are carried out ...

Laboratory water systems: types of waters

The quality of the water in the laboratory is one of the main concerns of those trying to carry out accurate and efficient experiments. The overall water purification process involves not only the final ultra-purification stage, but also a pre-treatment stage...

Process of using water purifier

This water is a cation-free liquid such as sodium, calcium, iron, copper, among others, and free anions such as carbonate, fluoride, chloride and others; deionized water can change its pH with ease of storage, according to some experts it is important to know that deionized water by not carrying salts if consumed directly by the human causes harmful anemia, because carbon dioxide easily dissolves and acidifies the water, so it would be dangerous for the body. The use of this water is restricted to laboratories, where loose ions can cause alterations in the required results, there are a large number of applications of this water in industries, research, experiments, other researchers point out that it is a myth that this water is harmful to health, of course it is in limited consumption.

Frequently asked questions about water purifiers from our customers

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