Operation Lamp

The lighting of an operating room is one of the essential aspects to consider to achieve success in any of the surgical procedures carried out in these places. This illumination is done through the operation lamps that are special lamps designed to illuminate the surgical area, thus providing a bright and uniform illumination centered on the operating table during the surgical act.

Operating lamps provide the correct illumination during a surgical procedure. The light from these lamps is white, because in the operating room the doctor needs to observe clearly the color of any organ or tissue, as this is an indicator of the patient's condition and health. In turn, they also have the ability to emit hours of bright light without overheating the patient or health care personnel involved in the intervention.

Types of Operating Lamp that your Operating Room needs

Operation Lamp YR02106 // YR02112

The imported switch power supply is adopted to control the voltage, making the working voltage permanently stable...


Operation Lamp YR02115 // YR02123

Light focus controlled by the sterile handle. One button for max. illuminance. Endo mode. Optional adjustable color temperature...


Operation Lamp YR02125 // YR02140

Our ergonomic, sterile operating concept allows for the simple and flexible control of all functions by the surgical team...


Operation Lamp YR05996 // YR06004

Cold light operation lamp meets the requirements of lighting for surgical operations in special circumstances...


Our Best Selling Operating Lamp

Adopt imported LED cold light source.

Nano coating and die-cast aluminum enclosure creating a streamlined excellent cooling effect.

Intelligent touch control screen.

The removable handle sheath can be cleaned and disinfected.

The no welding titanium alloy arm, imported spring arm is lifted and lowed easily and freely.

The imported switch power supply is adopted to control the voltage, making the working voltage permanently stable.

Adjustable temperature, R9 features that enhance the red color rendering index.

The service life of LED shadowless lamp is long (50,000h).

Analysis of the best Operating Lamp for your operating room

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What is the name of the lamp of an operating room?

Surgical lamps, are those whose primary function is to illuminate the field of surgery and facilitate the visibility of the environment...


Different Kinds of Surgical Operation Lamps

The lamps used in the operating room are conditioned to provide optimal lighting during the operation process...


Guides to becoming an expert in Operating Lamp

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Operating Lamp to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them to find what you're looking for.

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Lighting inside an operating room is considered one of the fundamental factors to obtain successful and uncomplicated...

Operating lamp: what color should the lighting have in an operating room?

One of the aspects that is important that is part of the needs of a surgeon at the time of operating, is lighting; in operating rooms certain basic elements are needed for the surgeon to do his job such as: a sterilized environment, gowns and surgical material; operating table...

Frequently Asked Questions about Operating Lamps

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