Technical Recommendations for the Maintenance of an Ice Maker

The ice maker is a critical team in health centers and laboratories worldwide. It turns out to be a great ally for healthcare use. Hospitals, laboratories, and research centers generally must have ice-making equipment to preserve samples that must be kept at cold temperatures. For example, in trauma or physiotherapy units, they use ice as a method to deflame; they are also used to store organs when they require emergency transfer, and allow organ storage to reach their destination in perfect condition.

On the other hand, diagnostic laboratories that perform analyzes, tissue sampling, or research centers, need to have granular ice available to store samples.

Importance of Ice Makers

For the preservation of food, laboratory samples and sanitary use, ice is responsible for optimizing its function for the performance of consumption to certain sectors.ย 

The team operates from an outside source and climbs through a frozen metal casing, which in less than 60 seconds changes water in ice columns. Similarly, a spiral of stainless steel, is responsible for processing the ice to the top of the equipment, in which the rotating mechanisms intervene, in charge of destroying the ice columns and transforming them into cubes, to then be stored.

In this sense, the sensors that are located in the internal part of the equipment, will send the information to the controls, and automatically the equipment will stop making ice, as a control measure, so as not to oversaturate the equipment of this content.

In another order of ideas, ice is a key element to maintain some of the most important sectors of society, such as health and research. As they are used for cooling exothermic reactions, for cooling the tubes in distillations, as well as for preserving the properties of certain medicines.

Maintenance of an Ice Maker

For the maintenance of equipment, the different aspects of maintenance, integrity, insulation, operation of installations and equipment should be checked as appropriate.

The main objective of proper maintenance of an ice maker, are used to avoid negative consequences and failures in the equipment, and thus with the following technical recommendations, it is intended to prevent these incidents occur:ย ย 

  • Carry out all phases of the cleaning and disinfection mode, responding to the action times of the products used, to cause the action disembedding or bactericidal.
  • Utensils and equipment should be easy to disassemble, clean and disinfect, preferably of stainless material, resistant to corrosion that do not transmit toxic substances and be able to withstand frequent washes.
  • The protection of unprotected molds, packaging and final products of the process which are exposed to contamination. The procedures to be carried out in the event of the paralysis of the process will include activities such as: The exclusion of waste from the handling area.ย 
  • The handling of water and low temperatures of the equipment can cause accumulation of dirt due to the presence of dust in the environment. Install a water filter, to catch all impurities.ย Contaminants can damage the delicate parts inside the equipment.
  • To avoid material losses, it is recommended to install the equipment on a power source. Changes in voltage or amperage can damage the equipment, and also prevent it from working. It only takes a moment to short-circuit.

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