Hot plate and hot plate with stirring

The heating plate is benchtop laboratory equipment whose function is to heat containers with liquids in a controlled manner and is used for boiling processes, evaporation of liquids, distillation, among others.

The stirring hotplate varies in that it has a stirrer element attached. In general, it is a magnet or stirring bar that is introduced into the liquid and allows that while the substance is heated, it is also stirred automatically.

General characteristics of the heating plate

  • It has a surface made of aluminum, a non-corrosive material that provides very good heat transfer and temperature uniformity.
  • They are available in single plate models, as well as multi-post models, arranged in even numbers.
  • They work with various containers or object holders.
  • They have a capacity that goes from several milliliters to 10 L or more.
  • They are designed to withstand heavy loads.
  • They operate at a temperature ranging from 100 ° C to 750 ° C.
  • Some models include a magnetic stir bar.

Agitators and stir bars are accessories to the hot plate, as are immersion probes. The stirrers consist of a magnetic bar covered with a layer of plastic (Teflon) and a plate underneath that has a rotating magnet or electromagnets arranged in a circular way, which create a rotating magnetic field. The stirrers slide into the container containing the liquid, shaking it and mixing the substance.

Using the hot plate

This equipment has a flat surface where the packages to be heated are positioned. Subsequently, once the equipment is connected, the required temperature is graduated in the controls and thus the substance inside the containers is uniformly heated.

Steps to use a hot plate with stirring

  • First, the reagent and the solvent to be heated are introduced into the appropriate container.
  • Second, the magnetic core is added.
  • Third, the container with the solution is positioned on the plate.
  • The equipment is connected to the electrical current.
  • The agitator is connected.
  • Then the thermostat is set to the temperature with which the solution is going to work.
  • At the end, the thermostat is turned off to later disconnect the agitator and at the end of the use of the hob, disconnect it from the electrical source.

Hot plate application

This instrument is used to perform serological tests, agglutination procedures, and incubation; to name a few. This makes the hot plate very essential equipment in clinical laboratories, microbiological laboratories, and research laboratories. Having great importance in the health area at the level of disease diagnosis, due to the fact that it is a device used in steps to carry out tests that would not be possible to complete, if this instrument did not exist.

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