What is the name of the lamp of an operating room?

Surgical lamps, are those whose primary function is to illuminate the field of surgery and facilitate the visibility of the environment, it is also called LED Luminaires, which have a high value of luminous intensity, since the doctor needs to carefully observe the coloration of organs and other tissues as an indicator of the patient’s state of health. 

These luminaires must be adjusted to any angle by manual movements horizontally, vertically and circularly, in addition it must not generate any type of infrared or ultraviolet value during an intervention, to avoid heat and not cause damage to the tissues of patients or during any intervention.

Likewise, it avoids visual fatigue to the human eye, which can cause fatigue in surgeons and their assistants.

Characteristics of Surgical Lamps or LED Luminaires

Initially, this type of essential furniture in the operating rooms and has the following technical characteristics of design and construction:

  • Integrated by an optimal central set of easy manipulation, circular shape with high pressure aluminum castings, powder polyester resin paint, it has power LED bulbs, ergonomic handle to be positioned vertically or horizontally, as well as a superior circular opening for ambient lighting during endoscopies.
  • Focus settings and superior ambient lighting with depth for full vision, with side touch panel on and off control.
  • It has independent sensors of wide coverage that allows to increase the luminous flux avoiding the shadows generated by the heads and shoulders of the surgeons and their assistants.
  • Laser beam indicators focused on light intensity with a luminous flux pointing system.
  • Interruptible unit of independent power supply backed by at least fifteen (15) continuous hours.

Advantages in the use of Surgical Lamps

Advantages in the use of luminaires that doctors usually seek for greater safety in surgical spaces are highlighted, among them are

  • Shades of white lights, in this way the appreciation is clearer and the colors of the organs and tissues can be better visualized for the safety of the doctor and avoid serious complications in patients.
  • Thermal comfort, since it allows the lamps to be handled with total confidence because they do not generate heat and avoid the risks of being burned, since they do not catch fire on contact with combustible materials
  • Long duration, because they offer electrical economy and savings in the use of air conditioning, their duration time compensates the work of doctors.

Surgical Lamps Kalstein brand

We at Kalstein, offer lamps capable of meeting the requirements that doctors demand within the operative field, we have halogens made of gas and quartz glass, they are incandescent and provide a very intense light, they are the closest thing to the traditional lamp that used to be used in the domestic environment. Among the advantages, it stands out that the higher the electric current, the greater the illumination and, therefore, a sharper image for the vision of the operating table on which the surgeon and the entire medical team work.

Likewise, we have led lamps, and their function is based around the diode, which distributes the flow of electric current in a single direction, avoiding shadows and in this way electricity is used much more efficiently and very little of it is needed to achieve powerful lighting in the operating room.

We have several YR series models, because we are pioneers in the modern shadowless operating lights industry, Kalstein incorporates LED (light emitting diode) and Beam Sharper technologies, complementing its excellent YR surgical lamps, Kalstein now has the most extensive selection of products to illuminate the surgical field that can serve in the most diverse surgical situations. The different colors (green, amber, red, and warm/cold white) are properly combined where it is created (in the single light beam condenser), but not in the surgical field, which generates a super high CRI (Ra > = 95). Meanwhile, the new light source requires fewer LEDs to achieve ideal illumination with less radiated heat. We also have the best prices in the market, because we are manufacturers and we have the best advice so that your purchase is the most successful. Check our catalog : HERE

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