What is the electric clotting scalpel?

An electric coagulation scalpel is a medical and electronic device that converts electrical energy into heat to coagulate tissues and cauterize them simultaneously, using currents with frequencies above 200,000 Hz. This equipment is composed of a series of individual units that together form an electrical circuit, where the current flows from a generator to an active electrode through the tissue and then back to the generator by the action of an inactive dispersion electrode.

They are equipment that currently have great acceptance in all operating theaters because they significantly reduce bleeding in the tissues and cause very little thermal damage, which in turn allows a considerable time saving. In addition, it provides effective asepsis, decreasing the likelihood of transmission of infections from diseased tissues to healthy tissues.

Structure of an electric scalpel

Regarding the structure of an electric scalpel, we observe that it is composed of key parts that have a specific and essential function, among them we can mention:

  • Surgical electro generator: It is the one who produces the current, and where the frequency and power of the current that is transmitted to the tissues are configured.
  • Positive or active electrode: It’s the device the surgeon drives. The current coming from the electrosurgical generator flows through the positive electrode and then comes into contact with the patient’s tissue.
  • Negative or return electrode: This device dissipates currents from the patient safely. The plate, which corresponds to the negative charge generator can be metal, lead or disposable self-adhesive. It is located near where the incision is to be made, before the patient is placed on the stretcher.

How does an electric clotting scalpel work?

An electric scalpel uses high-frequency electrical energy to generate heat in order to coagulate tissues of biological origin. According to its structure it has two modes of operation. The monopolar mode, where the active electrode is the one that intervenes in the process, since it concentrates the energy at the contact point. And bipolar mode involves the action of the two electrodes, and they usually come in the form of a hemostatic clamp. Both perform electrocoagulation and heat production is achieved through the passage of an oscillatory electric current, concentrated in a small area.

This electronic device circulates currents above 200,000 Hz up to 3 GHz, because these currents do not interfere with the nervous processes of the patient, this is achieved thanks to the use of an electric generator through two electrodes applied to the body; to generate controllable heat at the applied site, which causes electrocoagulation of the tissue.

Coagulation by an electric scalpel

Coagulation by an electric scalpel is haemostasis of the small blood vessels in body tissue, which is obtained through the passage of the high-frequency current to the height of the active electrode. When the density of the current is low and a wide surface electrode is used to dissipate the energy in a larger area the surface cells dry, without deep penetration, this causes the clotting effect. Then these coagulated cell surfaces behave like an insulating mattress, causing the heat that is produced not to penetrate too deeply, when applying the current again.

The current used to produce clotting is modulated and the quality of haemostasis and the level of tissue destruction depend on the modulation and precision obtained from the cut. Greater current modulation allows for less clean cutting and greater depth, but more effective clotting.

Practical tips for effective clotting

Following these tips below, the surgeon will be able to obtain a good coagulation, although it should be based on his own professional judgment:

  • Select a ball-shaped or thick-edged electrode.
  • Locate the bleeding blood vessel.
  • Dry the blood in the area, then touch the bleeding blood vessel lightly before actuating the electrode.
  • Disconnect the electrode as soon as the tissue is cleared to prevent tissue damage.

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