What are the Sterilization Systems offered by the Bacticinerator?

Firstly, all laboratory equipment and instruments are exposed to be contaminated by microorganisms, something that cannot happen if you want a correct use according to the sanitary regulations that must be practiced within these spaces. It is important not to confuse cleaning with sterilization, which are processes that can be combined but have different characteristics that need to be noted.

However, cleaning the instruments by itself is not enough, especially in laboratories in the medical, pharmaceutical and other industries. This requires a more thorough process to obtain suitable aseptic conditions. This is where the sterilization process comes into play, with the use of the Bacticinerator, which aims to eliminate all traces of chemical or biological elements, used to destroy contaminated disposable material.

Sterilization Systems

Sterilization refers to the exclusion of all bacteria that contain an object or substance and are arranged in such a way that they cannot be contaminated again. The greater the number of bacteria and/or the higher the population resistance, the longer the sterilization time will be required.

During sterilization processes, it should be taken into account that it starts when the optimal temperature inside the appliance has been reached and depends on the characteristics of the contents and the time. Therefore, with the use of the Bacticinerator and infrared heat sterilization systems, it causes protein denaturation, fusion and disorganization of membranes and / or irreversible oxidative processes in microorganisms.

There are two types of sterilization:

  • Simple Sterilization: used to sterilize planting handles and threads, tweezers, spatulas, etc. consists of directly subjecting the action of heat to the utensils to be sterilized.
  • Incandescence sterilization: It is a simple and effective procedure, it consists in the exposure of the handles to the effect of heat until incandescence (to red hot), however they cannot be applied to thermolabile objects.

It is an immediate operation of electric heat to microorganisms when metal material such as handles, lancets, dissection needles are brought into the red. The effectiveness of heat as a sterilization method depends on temperature and exposure time. And through the Bacticinerator, the procedures of disinfection of the handles, do not corrode and allow the purification of the instruments.

Importance of Sterilization Processes

Infrared heat sterilization is a physical method like hot air stoves and is produced by the destruction of microorganisms by oxidation of their cellular components. Sterilization decreases the initial infectious load by twice as many logarithmic units as disinfection.

By using the Bacticinerator, the processes are quick to warm up and penetrate, in addition to destroying bacteria and spores in a short time. Most importantly, it leaves no toxic waste and low deterioration of the exposed material.

A good wash of materials, adequate disinfection and subsequent sterilization, respond to work tactics that will have under control the microbial load present in different areas of work hospital, food and pharmaceutical industry, among others.

The methods of sterilization are very different and allow the total elimination of bacteria, responding to preserve the very useful totally innocuous mechanisms in areas such as the hospital, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. However, their improper use can cause economic and time losses. Therefore, its handling requires a great responsibility on the part of the professionals in charge, so that it complies with the indications and recommendations given by the manufacturer.

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