Laboratory Turbidimeter: What are the different types that exist?

These devices allow us to measure the turbidity of water, being turbidity an indicator of water quality, once the turbidity level is established the appropriate treatment to transform it into quality water such as coagulation, filtration and decantation; turbidimeters are designed to measure water quality, these instruments provide reliable and accurate readings, even in those cases where turbidity is within the lowest parameters.ย 

Turbidimeters have as components an updated and high-tech optical system that provides accurate results, ensuring long-term stability, minimizing off-beam light and color interference; in these meters it is important to calibrate periodically with the standards established in this way compensates some variation in the intensity of the tungsten lamp, a bucket safety system, water resistant keyboard.

Types of Turbidimetersย 

There are two large groups, which in KALSTEIN we classify them as follows and each one has its own characteristics, turning them into advanced equipment and adhering to international standards and requirements:

  • Table turbidity meter YR01842:ย 

Benchtop Multiparameter Turbidity Meter with total suspended solids measurement mode, 2 to 7 point calibration, 4 selectable turbidity units, have reliable technology and improved features to simplify laboratory analysis, is suitable for use by medical and industrial laboratories. Available at HERE

  • Portable turbidity meter YR01841:ย 

This equipment has certain advantages such as ease of use and unsurpassed accuracy in turbidity measurement, a screen that offers easy-to-follow instructions, no manuals are required, and no steps need to be memorized for routine calibrations. It is a high performance meter, calibration of 2 to 5 points, 4 units of turbidity selectable. The meter is suitable for process control and field use. Available at HERE

General characteristics of laboratory turbidimeters.ย 

There are features that we can find in existing models in the market, however, the YR series equipment that we have for you in KALSTEIN, have an exceptional design, which have the following descriptions:ย 

  • It has a 4.5-inch TFT display.
  • Calibration from 2 to 7 points using formazine standards. (YR01842)
  • 4 selectable turbidity units, including NTU, FNU, EBC and ASBC.
  • The TSS conversion factor ensures accurate measurement of total suspended solids. (YR01842)
  • The auto read function detects and blocks a stable read.
  • A menu that allows you to set the date and time, measurement mode, resolution, automatic feeding, etc.
  • Password protection prevents unauthorized calibration and configuration.
  • Memory expanded to 200 data sets.
  • The auto reset function of all configurations to factory default values.
  • The USB communication interface is easy to transfer data to PC.
  • Meets the design criteria in ISO 7027. (YR01841)
  • Calibration from 2 to 5 points using formazine standards. (YR01841)
  • The continuous measurement mode can be used for indexing or matched to the sample vials. (YR01841)

Applications and uses of turbidimeter types.ย 

Having two important models of these equipment, we can summarize the applications of the same as follows:

  • To determine the quality of drinking water.ย 
  • For competent protection against pathogens.ย 
  • In natural waters, to know the general quality of water and its compatibility in applications involving aquatic organisms.ย 
  • The control and treatment of wastewater.
  • It is done at the end of the wastewater treatment process to verify that the values are within the regulations.
  • They are used for pool water quality.ย 

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