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January 6, 2022by Kalstein

The deep freezers or freezers of laboratories are of low temperature, commonly of -80°C, they are presented in vertical and horizontal position, they have as a characteristic that they produce large consumptions of electrical energy, due to the low temperature of the ultrafreezer, but thanks to the updates theultrafreezers, their technological development as those produced in KALSTEIN consume less electrical energy.


January 6, 2022by Kalstein

This device allows us to measure the density of liquids, gases and solids from the beginning of the refraction of light originating in the boundary layer between the prism and the sample; its main function is to analyze different substances present in a subject and identify each component to evaluate its degree of purity; it is an accurate optical instrument.


December 28, 2021by Kalstein

Automatic pipettes or micropipettes are laboratory instruments necessary to measure small volumes and transfer them from one container to another,  the advantage of these automatic pipettes is that they can measure liquids with great accuracy, it is achieved by turning a wheel integrated into the pipette, and shows us the volume on the digital screen.


December 22, 2021by Kalstein

The shaker plate is an electromagnetic device commonly used in biology or chemistry laboratories to homogeneously mix solutions and compounds for tests and trials, among others. These devices are used in the production of chemical products, coatings, cosmetics, food, industrial, among others. In laboratories such as research, development, clinical, and education, the shaker is essential.


December 21, 2021by Kalstein

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is the measure of the amount of oxygen that is distributed in a system. Measurements are generally taken in water using a DO probe and meter. When performing dissolved oxygen measurements in the laboratory or in the field, it should be considered which type of DO technology is most suitable to employ.


November 22, 2021by Kalstein

A pH meter is a laboratory equipment that is used to accurately measure the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution. This equipment provides information that expresses the degree of acidity of an acid or a base in terms of the activity of hydrogen ions.


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