Burns or electroscalpel-related adverse events

Electrosurgery is an operation that is currently very common, and like any surgery, requires some steps or requirements that ensure the safety of the patient, to ensure quality management in any health service, offering the patient an effective and safe care; however, the applications of the electroscalpel starts from the principle of electrosurgery, where low frequency electrical currents are used, to generate high frequency alternating energy in the tissue, and allows the cutting and coagulation derived from thermal energy, avoiding the stimulation of muscle and nerve structures and the consequent tissue damage.

It is important not only that the specialized medical staff know the preparation and handling of the electroscalpel but also the nursing staff in the area of the operating room, which allows it to be easier to identify or detect possible risks that may affect the life of the patient, also favors the indication of rules or precautions at the time of use, it is necessary to accompany this technique of surgery with the use of special masks that allow filtering substances and smoke when using the electroscalpel and even smoke vacuums to avoid its effects.

Electroscalpel related burns

Although there are a number of recommendations and care when using an electroscalpel, burns can occur due to the amount of heat deposited in the tissue by exceeding the capacity of blood circulation; the reason for any burn can be due to:   

  • Faulty alarm circuit in the electrosurgical unit.
  • Defect in the scatter plate wires.
  • Indifferent electrode position of the EKG near the disperser plate. 
  • The interconnection of appliances.

Types of electroscalpel burns

  1. Neutral electrode defect burns: Burns occur when current density in the area where the dispersion electrode is applied is exceeded, causing 70% of burns with the electroscalpel.
  2. Burns by the active electrode: In this case they occur due to current leaks that occur through the insulation coating or by mistake the electrode is activated. 
  3. Alternative site burns: Burns may occur anywhere on the patient’s or doctor’s body.

Electroscalpel-related adverse events

This type of surgeries performed by electrosurgical surgery can cause serious damage in the patient, if the surgery is performed without the correct rules of operation and caution, this technique has a wide range of application in different pathological treatments and surgeries in general; so it is necessary that the personnel present in this type of surgical intervention know first the recommendations of use, at the same time how the device works.

One of the adverse damages in the use of the electroscalpel is the surgical smoke that represents a group of particles suspended in the air that come from the thermal destruction of bones and tissues, although the physical and chemical composition of the surgical smoke is not exactly known; it is known that the substances and microorganisms are considered high risk for the health of the medical staff and the patient, in conclusion these surgical instruments expel to the air of the operating room viruses and viable cells, small particles, mutagens, carcinogens and other toxic substances. 

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