A lyophilizer is a laboratory instrument used for lyophilization, that is to say, it is used to remove moisture from a product by drying it cold, thus generating a dehydrated product that can be rehydrated when needed without losing its properties at the time of use.

Freeze-drying is a drying or dehydrating process that is performed by progressive sublimation of the solvent or water present in a sample. This process is characterized by using low temperatures which prevents some volatile elements from being lost, unlike in conventional drying processes. Progressive sublimation allows the direct passage of ice (solid) to gas (vapor) without passing through its liquid phase.

Basic structure of a lyophilizer

Criteria to be taken into account for the selection of a lyophilizer

Before buying a freeze-drier, it is important to take into account the objectives of research and production. Features such as sample size and sample type are key factors to consider. While desktop models are ideal for small volumes, floor standing models are ideal for large scale applications. It is also important to note that:

When is a lyophilizer needed?

A lyophilizer is an essential instrument in the pharmaceutical and food industry, it is a very useful equipment when you want to conserve products, because it allows to remove moisture through cold drying.

The material to be lyophilized is introduced into the equipment, where there are very low temperatures, usually below – 40ยฐC. With a vacuum pump, the pressure in the equipment is reduced. Having lowered the temperature the organic water or solvent freezes. Subsequently, when the pressure is lowered, the water that is in solid state is steamed into the process known as sublimation.

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