What are the common uses of ultra freezers in laboratories?

What is deep-freezing?

Ultra-freezing is a breakthrough in conservation technology that has recently become an indispensable tool in laboratories. It has developed significantly and its main purpose is freezing at more extreme temperatures.

What are deep freezers?

Ultra-freezers are an essential element for scientific and clinical laboratories. These units are widely used in a variety of applications, from storing blood samples to preserving them for current and future research. Its specialized characteristics allow the storage of sensitive material for long periods of time. While most are in research and medical environments, many common uses can be found in laboratories, mainly the preservation of biological matter. This includes a variety of solid organs, cells, tissues, fluids and frozen products for medical use, which require special storage conditions. Human and animal cells, for example, should not be frozen without the introduction of prior additives to prevent water crystallization in the process.

Common uses of ultra-freezers in laboratories and industries

Ultra freezers are equipped to handle these strict storage conditions. Another important use in the laboratory is food preservation. This is because these units have the ability to freeze food based on their exact specifications at very low temperatures, so as not to damage the nutritional characteristics, textures and aromas of the food. In addition, they generally use a much faster freezing process, which allows to preserve the freshness of food for longer. They are also used for scientific experiments, such as preparing samples for more detailed analysis using cryo-encapsulation techniques. This involves locking the samples in a freeze-proof coating material to keep them at very low temperatures. These samples are generally used for experiments, such as molecular structure establishment and other long-term experiments.

In conclusion, its function is to maintain laboratory supplies in the long term, such as preserving chemical reagents, pharmaceuticals, life science equipment, diagnostic reagents and quality control, temperature sensitive organic material. These items are stored at very low temperatures for the purpose of being used over time. This allows academics, scientists and health professionals to store unlimited amounts of supplies for use in research and diagnosis. In short, they are very useful in the laboratory.

Main applications of ultra-freezers

The main applications of this specialized unit include the preservation of biological material, pharmaceuticals and food; the conduct of long-term experiments; and the production of laboratory materials for future use. These units offer unparalleled storage and preservation quality to other conventional equipment and are indispensable for use in most scientific and clinical laboratories. The best known are:

  • To store DNA samples for genetic research, prevent protein denaturation during their analysis.
  • To store stem cells in culture and preserve medical diagnostic products. These are stored at temperatures between -180ยฐC and -196ยฐC, to prevent denaturation and thus ensure accurate test results.ย  This is done to preserve these cells alive over time without loss of metabolic capacity and without changes in their cytoplasm.
  • For the administration of drugs from frozen cells, which is a fundamental tool in the field of pharmacological research.
  • To store medical diagnostic materials. Radiology tests and blood therapy products are often stored at very low temperatures to prevent destruction and deterioration.
  • For the storage of antiophidic serum, antiophilosporic serum and vaccines administered to newborn infants. There are several common uses of ultra freezers for the laboratory.

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