Use of Shakers in the production of Textile Paint

A painting is a specialized shade used in the manufacture of fabrics and other textile materials. These paints are formulated to improve color strength, adhesion and durability of fabrics. Textile paints can be applied to a variety of fabrics, including cotton, linen, silk and polyester.

Therefore, laboratory stirrers are used to mix the components of a paint and be applied during its manufacture, demonstrating uniformity of the appropriate pigments and dyeing.

In this sense, Kalstein provides our customers with the best specialized equipment to be used in the laboratories of the various textile industries, we have the Laboratory Agitator, which uses uniaxial transmission balancing technology, the machine works smoothly with little noise; in addition to the brushless DC motor, long service life, no need for maintenance.

Factors to Consider for Using the Agitator

The selection of a suitable stirrer is essential for the preparation of a high quality textile paint. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting this computer for a specific application. These include the size and type of mixing tank, the viscosity of the textile paint, the amount of textile paint to mix and the time available. The size and type of mixture are important considerations when selecting a stirrer.

Viscosity is another important consideration when selecting a stirrer, it refers to the resistance of a fluid to flow, the higher the viscosity of a textile paint, the less fluid it will be. Factors affecting the required level of shaking include the size and shape of the substance to be shaken, density, viscosity and temperature. The availability of space is also an important factor to consider, especially if the stirrer is to be installed in an existing plant.


Shakers are used to mix the components of a textile paint before application and ensure that the mixture is uniform from the pigments and other ingredients. It should be noted that the time available to comply with the practices, is also an important consideration, since the speed at which it is mixed is affected by the viscosity of the paint and the amount.

In addition, along with these equipment include ink, dye and binder, are essential for the elaboration of textile paint, as they help to ensure that all ingredients are well mixed. To use a laboratory shaker, first place the ink or dye in the container. The binder is then added and mixed gently. It is important to make sure that all ingredients are completely mixed before applying the textile paint, once the mixture is ready, you can apply the textile paint to any fabric.

Laboratory Agitators Brand Kalstein

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