Types of Veterinary Pulse Oximeters: The Complete Guide

Veterinary pulse oximeters are indispensable medical equipment for monitoring animal health. These non-invasive devices effectively measure the oxygen saturation in the blood, providing valuable insight into the physiological state of the animal.

With a wide range of models on the market, it is crucial to understand the differences between them to select the most suitable one. In this content, sponsored by Kalstein, a leading manufacturer of veterinary pulse oximeters, we will discuss the different types available and how to guide you to make your purchase.

Veterinary Finger Oximeters

Veterinary finger oximeters are a popular choice for professionals due to their affordable price and easy handling. These devices are ideal for small animals, such as dogs and cats, and provide accurate readings of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate. However, their use may be limited in larger species due to their reduced size.

If you decide to buy a finger oximeter, it is advisable for your sale to select a model from a recognized manufacturer like Kalstein, thus assuring its suitability for veterinary use and durability.

Veterinary Handheld Pulse Oximeters

Veterinary handheld pulse oximeters are much more versatile. These devices have interchangeable probes that allow their use in a wider variety of species and animal sizes, from rodents to large animals. These oximeters also offer additional functionalities, such as the ability to store and export data, which is useful for long-term tracking of animal health.

Although they are usually a little more costly, the prices vary depending on the model and additional features. Remember that purchasing a handheld veterinary pulse oximeter is a long-term investment in the comprehensive care of your patients’ health.

Tabletop Veterinary Pulse Oximeters

At the upper end of the price spectrum, you will find tabletop veterinary pulse oximeters. These high-performance devices are ideal for use in clinical and surgical contexts, as they provide a wide range of vital measurements and feature large displays for easy reading of data.

They often integrate with other medical equipment, facilitating comprehensive patient status monitoring. At the time of sale, it should be taken into account that although these devices may involve a higher initial investment, their accuracy, versatility, and integration functionality provide unbeatable value.

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