Water Purification Systems YR59 – YR59-1

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Front system of ultra-pure water machine, buffer configuration, photosensitive film washing, water supply for stability experiment box, meteorological experiment equipment, hydrogen generator, battery adding liquid, electroplating and other instruments


  • Double LCD screens, fully automatic microcomputer control system
  • Water quality online monitoring system
  • Automatic RO membrane anti-scaling flushing program and timed flushing procedures to extend RO membrane lifetime.
  • Real-time display working status like power, water, pump, flush, water shortage and water fullย ย to understand the machine running status
  • Floor-standing design, with activated and fixed stand bar at the bottom, easy to install and move
  • Present TDS test pen

Technical Specification

Model YR59 YR59-1
Feed water request TDS <200ppm, 5-45 โ„ƒ, 1.0-3.5Kg / cm2
Flow rate 1.5-2 L/Min ( with pressure barrel)
Water making speed 120L/H 200L/H
2 water outlets RO water and DI water
RO water quality TDS <10 ppm * Total salt rejection above 95%
Machine size (L x W x H) 50 ร— 52 ร— 108cm
Standard configuration Machine + 11 gallon pressure tank + accessory package
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz 72-240W

Additional Information

Weight N/A

YR59, YR59-1


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