Veterinary MRI System YR06167



Magnet design uses breakthrough anti-eddy current technology

The gradient coil using self-shielded active anti- eddy current technology

Implementation of precision eddy current compensation algorithm, completely eliminate the impact of eddy current

The eddy current together with the high gradient and high slew rate come from ultra-fast sequence was resolved completely, guarantee to get the best clinic image.

Technical Specifications
Model YR06167
Magnet System
Magnet Type Permanent magnet with automatic constant temperature system
Field strength 0.35T
Magnet shape C-shape
Homogeneity(30cm, DSV, Vp-p) ≤35ppm
Shim method Active/Passive/Dynamic
Magnet vertical gap 35cm
Accessibility(Horizontal opening angle) >250°
5 Gauss fringe field 2.5m*2.5m*2.5m
Gradient System
Gradient field strength(Single Axis) ≥15mT/m
Gradient slew rate (Single Axis) ≥45mT/m/ms
Rise time 0.3ms
Gradient cooling system(Gradient coils and power electronics) Air
RF System
Spectrometer Fully digital
RF system type Digital Transmit and Receive
Number of RF channel 2
Transmitter amplifier peak power 5kW
RF bandwidth of receiver Each >400KHz
Dynamic range ≥80dB
Noise factor 0.3dB
Coil type Phase array

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