Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor YR06110



In view of the pain points such as weak pulse of small animals and inaccurate measurement, animal trembling and agitation leading to measurement failure, shaving is required to accurately measure animal blood pressure, and single point measurement cannot form trend records, Kalstein independently developed the animal electronic blood pressure monitor YR06110, which can easily and quickly test the blood pressure of different sizes of animals, without anesthetic or shaving, to avoid pet shock. Animals quickly enter the test state, one-click operation, intelligent silent pressure, to provide veterinarians with convenient and efficient blood pressure detection equipment.

  • Accurate and reliable: Unique motion tolerance technology, step-down measurement, anti-jitter interference
  • Large and small animals: Automatically distinguish large and small animals according to the pet’s weight
  • Multiple modes: single, continuous, 2 minutes/time multiple measurement modes
  • Comfortable and durable: The soft TPU cuff is more comfortable and sensitive than the traditional rubber cuff
  • Mute measurement: Intelligent mute pressure, broadcast can be muffled, to avoid pets frightened
  • Multiple languages: Chinese, English, Russian, etc
  • Comprehensive monitoring: pulse, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, average blood pressure, trend chart, comprehensive understanding of pet indicators
  • Long standby: Large capacity battery, long standby
  • Easy to carry: built-in lithium battery, no external power supply, easy to move during the test
Technical Specifications
Model YR06110
Display 4.3-inch TFT screen
Measurement method oscilloscope method
Measurement mode single measurement, continuous monitoring, 2 minute interval measurement
Blood pressure measurement range 0~280mmHg
Pulse measurement range 0~300 times/min
Blood pressure measurement accuracy ±3 mmHg
Pulse measurement accuracy ±5%
Animal cuff 5
Weight 1.4kg
Size 18cm*15cm*17cm
Power Supply DC 9.0V power adapter

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Weight 3 kg

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