Thermal Cyclers YR01867

Manufacturer: Kalstein


Product Description

Thermal Cyclers YR01867 is designed for mobile and small laboratories, or for on-site testing. With excellent performance and portability, Tianlong YR01867 revolutionizes and solves the problem of limited space and fragmented samples in laboratories, and makes your experiments more user-friendly, more accurate and more efficient. It can be widely applied in animal and infectious disease prevention and control, food safety, scientific research and other fields. YR01867 is now a good companion for animals.

Portable and convenient:

Compact and lightweight, YR01867 helps save bench space and can be moved flexibly to your mobile laboratory for on-site testing. No need for fluorescence calibration after moving.

1s for 16 wells fluorescence scanning:

ย With 2 fluorescence channels, YR01867 can complete all 16 wells fluorescence scanning within 1s, which improves efficiency for lab professionals.

Various control modes:

Mode 1:standalone control with 7-inch touch-screen;
Mode 2:computer software control;
Mode 3: remote control via tablet

Powerful software analysis:

YR01867 offers multiple functions including qualitative analysis, absolute quantitative analysis, relative quantitative analysis, SNP analysis, etc.

Instant result analysis:

Mode1: direct analysis on YR01867 and results can be printed directly when connected to a thermal printer;
Mode 2: analysis through PC software.

Always online:

Various ways to stay online: Wifi, USB and internet interface


Technical Specifications


Model YR01867
Throughput ene-16
Fluorescence Channels 4
Scanning Time 1s for all wells fluorescence scanning
Dye Compatibility Channel 1: FAM, SYBR Greenโ… , SYTO 9, Eva Green, LC Green
Channel 2: HEX, VIC, TET, JOE
Channel 3: Texas Red, ROX
Channel 4: ย Cy5
Heating Rate Average heating rate of 3.3โ„ƒ/s; maximum heating rate of 5.0โ„ƒ/s.
Cooling Rate Average cooling rate of 3.0โ„ƒ/s; maximum cooling rate of 4.0โ„ƒ/s.
Temperature Accuracy โ‰ค0.1โ„ƒ
Lightsource High-brightness, long-life, maintenance-free LED light source
Special Temperature Protocol Conventional PCR, touchdown PCR, long PCR, etc.
Hot Lid Temperature 40โ„ƒ-110โ„ƒ
Control Modes Mode 1: 7-inch touch-screen of YR01867
Mode 2: computer software
Mode 3: remote control via Windows tablet
Key Applications Qualitative analysis, absolute quantitative analysis, relative quantitative analysis, endpoint fluorescence analysis, melting curve analysis, and SNP analysis, etc.
Result Analysis 1: Direct analysis on YR01867 and results can be printed directly when connected to a thermal printer;
2: Analysis through PC software.
Experiment Files Files can be downloaded by webpage login
Network Connection Internet interface, USB, WiFi
Power Failure Protection Automatically start running experiments after power supply
Specifications and Weight 205mm(L)*156mm(W)*153mm(H)); 3.2kg
Suitable Consumables 0.2mL transparent single tubes and 8-strip tubes

Additional Information

Weight 4,8 kg

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