Portable turbidity meter YR01841

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Certificacion europea

Product Description

High-performance portable turbidity meter, 2 to 5 points calibration, selectable 4 turbidity units. The meter is suitable for process control and field use.


• High-performance portable turbidity meter meets the design criteria in ISO 7027.

• 2 to 5 points calibration using the Formazin Standards.

• Selectable 4 turbidity units, including the NTU, FNU, EBC and ASBC.

• Single measurement mode automatically senses and locks a stable reading.

• Continuous measurement mode can be used for indexing or matching the sample vials.

• Auto-Power Off effectively conserves battery life.

• Setup menu allows setting the number of calibration points, resolution, date and time, etc.

• Reset function automatically resumes all settings back to the factory defaults.

• Expanded memory stores or recalls up to 100 data sets.

• USB communication interface for data transfer or connecting a power adapter to meter.


• Drinking water and swimming pool

• Environmental monitoring and other applications

Model YR01841
Range 0 to 1100 NTU, 0 to 275 EBC, 0 to 9999 ASBC
Resolution 0.01 (0 to 99 NTU), 0.1 (100 to 999 NTU), 1 (1000 to 1100 NTU)
Accuracy ±2% of reading (0~500 NTU), ±3% of reading (501~1100 NTU)
Calibration Points 2 to 5 points
Calibration Standards 0.02, 10, 200, 500, 1000 NTU
Light Source Infrared-emitting diode (850nm wavelength)
Detector Silicon photodiode
Stray Light <0.02 NTU
Sample Volume 30ml
Memory Stores up to 100 data sets
Output USB communication interface
Display Custom LCD (60×40 mm)
Power 3×1.5V AA batteries or DC5V power adapter
Auto-Power Off 15 minutes after last key pressed
Dimensions 180(L)×85(W)×70(H)mm
Weight 300g
Order Code Accessories
Turbidity standards 0.02, 200, 500, 1000 NTU
Glass sample vials
Lint-free cloth
Carrying case

Additional Information

Weight 1,5 kg

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