Pipette Rack YR03743 – YR03744

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Enjoy and organized workplace witj our rotating pipette stand. Pipette attach to the stand by the handle, not the nose cone, which rules out potential cross-contamination from the stand to the pipettes. As we have our production facilities, we can maintain the highest standards in the selection and processing of plastic materials.

  • Pipette stand YR03743 can hold 9 pipettes pcs
  • Pipette stand YR03744 can hold 9 pipette series
  • Also suitable for use with YR multi-channel pipettes
Model YR03743 YR03744
Quantity 8 pcs
Weight 11 Kg
Dimension 74 x 48 x 48 cm

Additional Information

Weight 11 kg

YR03743 Pipette Rack, YR03744 Pipette Rack


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