High Quality Shaved Ice Machine For Laboratory YR05134 // YR05136

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

  • Fully automatic running with ice full display, water shortage display, in operation display and malfunction warning display, etc. for shutdown protection. They will stop automatically in case of ice full or water shortage and start automatically when ice is not full or water supply is resumed.
  • Flake ice cools more quickly than other ice forms,which can infiltrate into narrow space, featuring fast cooling speed, good ice bathing effect.
  • Long-term performance tests and safety electrical tests will be performed before delivery, ensuring excellent performance of the product.
Technical Characteristics
Model: YR05134 YR05135 YR05136
Ice Making Capacity: 60Kg/24h 70Kg/24h 85Kg/24h
Ice Storage: 25Kg 25Kg 25Kg
Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz 220-240V/50Hz 220-240V/50Hz
Power: 420W 460W 480W
Cooling type: Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling
Refrigerant: R134a R134a R134a
Water Supply: Tap Water Tap Water Tap Water
Net Weight: Kg 42 42 42
Gross Weight: Kg(Carton) 45 45 45
Product Dimension: (mm) 400*510*840 400*510*840 400*510*840 mm
Carton Packaging: (mm) 470*580*890 470*580*890 470*580*890 mm

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Additional Information

Weight 62 kg

YR05134, YR05135, YR05136


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